Part# 10-06580
MFR Model# 103-0503-03-01
DescriptionTilt AngleModel NumberPart Number
RC1510-3 Digital Heading Indicator, Dedicated Antenna (SMA)0103-0503-03-0110-06580


Note: Standard tilt is 0 degrees. Made to Order custom tilt option available, part # 10-07138. Option prompt will be offered once base unit is added to the cart.

The RCA1510 Series Digital Heading Indicator is the latest addition to the RC Allen Digital Instrument Lineup. It is the perfect companion to the RCA2610 Digital Attitude Indicator.

The RCA1510 is designed as a fully FAA Certified direct replacement for your mechanical Directional Gyro. It is totally self-contained and fits in a standard 3-inch panel cut-out. There are no special external connections other than power and an external GPS antenna. The Multi-Volt function (9-32V) allows installation in both 14 Volt and 28 Volt systems.

The RCA1510 combines data from its own internal magnetometer and GPS receiver for a more stable and accurate heading reading which also eliminates the need to “cage” or “zero” the instrument.

Because the RCA1510 has no mechanical gyroscope, it is much more accurate than traditional heading indicators. Unlike a mechanical gyroscopic unit, the RCA1510 is not affected by drifting or wandering. The unit is designed to work without GPS input if the GPS signal is lost.

The highly visible screen has adjustable brightness controls. It has a traditional rotating dial display with digital numeric headings. The pilot can adjust the Heading Bug just like a mechanical instrument or use the Quick-Set Heading Bug; a double-push of the HDG knob sets the Bug to the current heading.

The panel tilt angle can be set from 0 to 90 degrees in one degree increments, but must be specified at time of order.

Made in the USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Totally self-contained
  • Quick-set Heading Bug
  • Internal Magnetometer and GPS
  • Sharp Dimmable Display
  • Dual Processor Performance
  • Multi-volt Operation (9 to 32 Volts)
  • Fits standard panel cutout
  • Vibration Resistant
  • All digital - No moving parts
  • Black anodized bezel
  • Lightweight - 8oz. Max
  • FAA Certified


  • Operating Voltage: 9 to 32VDDC
  • Running Current: (14VDC system) 0.20 AMPs MAX, (28VDC system) 0.18 AMPs MAX
  • Circuit Breaker Size: 1AMP
  • Accuracy: 2 Degrees
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20º to +55º C
  • Mating Connector: MS3116E8-4S or equivalent
  • Dimensions: Please see specifications document.
  • Weight: 8 oz. Max
  • FAA Specification Conformance: TSO-C6e, TSO-C113a, DO-160G & DO-178B Level C
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Amendment to my earlier review. We got the GPS RS232 port properly configured to “Aviation Output 1” and the 1510 is receiving GPS data and working great now. I would give it a full 5 stars if the installation instructions were a little better.

Steve Z
May 1, 2024

Purchased unit with RS232 GPS input option. This is easier said than done, as Garmin is not enthusiastic about providing RS232 port configuration data and RC Allen tech support is not sure what data format to ask for. I may need to return for credit.

Steve Z
April 30, 2024


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: The RC Allen RCA 1510 uses an external GPS, in the documentation does not provide the type, what type of GPS antenna does this indicator needs? Is it a RC Allen GPS antenna? Does it have to be WAAS type?

Per the manufacturer, yes this will require WAAS GPS antenna and a SMA connection.

Q: Will the heading on the RC Allen RCA 1510 drive an autopilot? If so which ones?

Per RC Allen, the 1510 series can not drive autopilot at this time.

Q: If I wanted to use this RC Allen RCA 1510 unit as a stand alone without GPS input as standard electric DG, as I use a hand held GPS, will this cause problems, or will it still work properly?

The RCA1510 Electric Digital Heading Indicator utilizes an internal magnetic compass to determine aircraft heading. In flight, GPS information is added for a more stabilized and accurate heading reading. The unit is designed to work without GPS input if the GPS signal is lost.

Q: How is the RC Allen RCA 1510 gauge calibrated? Does it have to be swung like a regular campus?

The instructions for calibration can be found in the manual, which can be downloaded from our documents tab.

Q: Can you specify the GPS antenna part number, and sma connector if not included with the RC Allen 1510 heading indicator?

Part # 11-09701 for the WAAS GPS antenna and part # 11-12172 for the connector for RG400 wire.

Q: Will this RC Allen 1510 work with Garmin GTX 335 transponder that has waas GPS position source?

The Garmin GTX 335 cannot be a GPS source for this unit. Please view the installation manual in the documents tab for more information.

Q: Does the connector P/N MS3116E8-4S and mounting screws come with the RCA 1510 heading indicator?

Yes, the mating connector MS31168E8-4S is included.

Q: What is the warranty on this RC Allen RCA1510 product?

This comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Q: Can the Garmin GNS 430W be a GPS source for this RCA 1510?

The RC Allen RCA 1510 ties into existing Garmin GPS or any active WAAS Antenna. If GPS is used it ground tracts but you don't need GPS because it has a magnetic heading indicator.

Q: Do you sell a GPS splitter that I can connect the RC1510 to the GPS cable going to theADSB?

We do not recommend splitting a GPS signal.

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