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Part# 11-17556
MFR Model# UAX-90052-01


"Retro-Fit" Your Cockpit with a Digital Upgrade.

Upgrade your legacy vacuum-driven instrument to digital precision attitude and directional gyro customizable display.

Install two AV-30-C displays, one configured as an Attitude Indicator, and the other as a Directional Gyro to replace your outdated problem-prone vacuum system.

    Keep Your Panel and Upgrade Your View
  • AV-30-C blends into your existing panel seamlessly. By mounting from behind, it preserves the original look and eliminates the need for cutting or replacing your panel.

    Probeless Angle of Attack
  • AV-30-C blends into your existing panel seamlessly. By mounting from behind, it preserves the original look and eliminates the need for cutting or replacing your panel.

uAvionix offers a downloadable simulator that allows you to directly explore the AV-30 functionality. Windows only. Download Here


  • 12-In-1 Functionality:
  • Primary Attitude
  • Primary Slip
  • Primary Direction Indication
  • Probeless Angle of Attack (AOA)
  • Indicated Airspeed (KTS / MPH)
  • Altitude / Vertical Trend / Alerter
  • +8 / -8 G-Meter
  • OAT / TAS / Density Altitude
  • Bus Voltage
  • GPS Navigational Data Overlay
  • GPS HSI / 360 Rose / Arc Map Mode
  • Customizable Colors, Fonts, & Layout
  • Audio Alerts (AOA, G, Roll Limits)


  • Input Voltage Nominal: +10 to +32 VDC
  • Input Voltage Max: +60 VDC
  • Input Power Nominal: 6 Watts (0.5 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Input Power Max: 12 Watts (1.0 Amps @ 12VDC)
  • Required Circuit Breaker: 2 Amp
  • Operation on Battery: 2 Hours Typ @ 20°C / 30 Minutes Min @ -20C

  • Physical Attributes
    • Mounting Configuration: 3 1/8” Round Instrument Hole
    • Dimensions wo/Connector: 3.38 x 3.38 x 1.6 Inches
    • Weight: 0.50 Lbs.
    • Electrical Connector: 15 Pin Male D-Sub
    • Pneumatic Connectors: Ľ” OD Quick Connect
    • Mounting: (4X) #6-32 Machine Screws
    • Case Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temp: -20°C to +55°C
    • Storage Temp (48 Hrs): -30°C to +80°C
    • Humidity (48 Hrs): 90% RH
  • Display
    • Diagonal Size: 3” Circular
    • Contrast Ratio (Typical): 500
    • Brightness (Typical): 1000 cd/m2
    • Viewing Angle Left/Right:60°
    • Viewing Angle Up: 45°
    • Viewing Angle Down: 10°
    • Backlight Lifetime (Typical): 50,000 Hrs


Cutting Edge Technology Without the Cutting
  • AV-30 fits in your existing 3” panel slot seamlessly. By mounting from behind, it preserves the “round dial” look, and eliminates the need for cutting or replacing your panel.
Probeless Angle of Attack (AOA) - Avoid Stalls
  • The AV-30 alerts you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

In The Box

  • AV-30-C Unit
  • AV-30-C Installation Kit
  • Harness Kit (Serial connectors/pins/case housing/grounding strap, etc. Not assembled)
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Palmer A
December 19, 2020

So far, so good

Jay F
November 9, 2020

I purchased two units for a Cessna 172N. This was a simple installation. I have about 10 hours of flight time on the instruments thus far and they are an absolute winner. It was worth the wait. The displays have more info packed into it than the large cabin biz jet I usually fly. Couple of things to consider though if you want your install to go smoothly . . . Youll need a cover and gasket to go over where the vacuum pump used to go on the accessory case. I used the SL60430 cover and SL8313 gasket. Youll need a couple of 2 amp circuit breakers. Youll need the tubing and tee fittings to connect to the static and pitot system Order the Davtron temp probe so you can have TAS and DALT displayed. I used part number 11-04603.

Mike D
November 5, 2020

Great value for the cost. I bought two of these to replace the vacuum AI and DG. They provide a lot of information and the installation is very straight forward.

Thad B
October 23, 2020

Installation was a breeze: two wires, two tubes and a ground strap. Used two Nylo-Seal 264-N04 fittings and a hand full of 259-N04 inserts to T into the pitot-static system. Also used M39029/63 sub-D sockets rather than the finger type (yuch) that come with the unit. It works well and looks even better.

Skiatook F
October 21, 2020

I own and fly multiple aircraft and dont have a business affiliation with Aerovonics or uAvionix. I have been flying an AV-30 for months in an experimental aircraft. It has the most solid attitude indications in the business. I own G5s, GRT Mini GA and Sandia Quattros. The AV-30 attitude solution is something I would trust implicitly in IMC. I cant say that for some of the others. The AV-30 also doesnt require GPS signals for its attitude solution which can be a safety issue with some of the others. The screen is bright and beautiful and is the best one I have seen to date. The customize-able horizon depiction and fonts is a nice touch. It allows the unit to match the vintage of the aircraft or taste of the pilot. I have the AV-30 serial data input connected to my aera 660 GPS unit and they work very well together. In VFR cruise I usually use either the HSI display or EFIS arc. display and will swap back and forth between modes. The AV-30 has more features built in than any other mini EFIS display as of today. It is very well thought out. I cant wait to be able to put one in a type certified airplane after they receive approval.

December 2, 2019

I bought two AV-30C in order to remove the vacuum pump. I also bought the recommended temperature probe and connected the units to my GPS. So much information and features packed into a small device. The AI works great and feel I can trust it in IMC. Cons: I would have given it five stars except the DG can sometimes experience serious drift that had me trusting it a little less in IMC right now. I am told it is a known issue but will be reaching out to uAvionix for input. Also, the internal altimeter will sometimes show 150 feet of from my calibrated and verified analog altimeter.

December 6, 2020

Have two AV-30C installed in C182A. Both have excess heading drift. Well beyond acceptable limits for heading control. Two other aircraft on my field have experienced same problem with there units also. Have been in contact with Uavionix about this issue. They are aware there is a problem and are trying to solve this issue.

Gary C
November 29, 2020

Two of these are installed to my flying clubs PA-28 (one in the Attitude configuration, the other in the DG/HSI configuration). Both have excessive drift from their initialization. On multiple instrument training flights, I experienced 10 degree or more shift in the DG every 30 minutes. I also noticed after 45 minutes of flying that 2.5 deg pitch and 0deg bank indicated resulted in a descending left turn (worsened as the flights continued) - this is the normal straight and level trim. On the DG, you have to press the toggle to get to the heading bug and pass the DG setting, which puts it in danger of accidentally messing up your DG setting. Overall, it doesnt hold its initialization and is counter-intuitive to use. Id never take that plane into IMC with these issues-it makes currency difficult let alone the real thing.

February 22, 2021

We will be returning the two av30s we purchased. The DG keeps throwing it self off 30 degrees and the back light cycles up and down. The company says they have a firmware update to fix the problems but after 4 months we are still waiting. All these glitches should have been fixed before it was certified. Not a safe product for an I.F.R. aircraft used for instrument exams.

Barnes A
June 8, 2021


Q: Can this Uavionix AV30 be used as a backup AI in a certified aircraft?

This largely depends on on the STC of what is being backed up. Contact uAvionix for details.

Q: Is the Uavionix AV-30 unit authorized for certified aircraft?

Yes, the Uavionix AV-30, part # 11-17556, is an FAA Approved unit. It can be installed in certified aircraft.

Q: Will the certified AV-30 be able to drive my STEC-30 with the installed gps?

Per the manufacturer, there is no function to drive autopilots at this moment. However, they are working on something that will adapt to legacy STEC autopilots.

Q: Can this use the GPS from my uavionics skybeacon?

Per the installation manual Revision A on page 7, it states that the optional GPS interface is Moving Map / Aviation Protocol output provided by most panel mounted GPS units. This cannot use the Skybeacon GPS signal.

Q: Can the Uavionix AV-30 be interfaced with legacy king kx155 nav/comm?

Per the installation manual Rev. A, it will not connect to a NAV/COM.

Q: Will there be an analog converter for the Uavionix AV-30 so I can use this as the attitude reference for my century IV auto pilot?

Yes. The manufacturer is creating a solution to allow this unit to connect to an autopilot. However, at this time, we are not aware of what autopilots will be available to function with the unit.

Q: My classic Cessna reads in mph, can I change IAS from kts to mph on the Uavionix AV30?

Yes, indicated AirSpeed could either be KTS or MPH on this unit.

Q: you say it has been certified, but uavionix site says not yet...

In the overview we show that certification is pending. This SKU will be the certified unit, so we are selling it as certified. We will not receive or ship any units until they are FAA Approved and we receive the certified units from Uavionix.

Q: Regarding the UAVIONIX AV-30 PRIMARY FLIGHT DISPLAY - CERTIFIED: Will we need 2 units (1 for AI and 1 for DG) in a certified aircraft if we would like to remove our vacuum pump? Can it serve as primary for both all within one unit?

Per the manufacturer, upon approval you will need 2 units for AI and DG. If the installation leaves no instruments that require the vacuum source, it can be removed. However, the removal of the vacuum source is not included in the AV-30 STC.

Q: Does the HSI on the Uavionix AV-30 provide vertical (glideslope) guidance?

Per Manufacturer there is no vertical guidance at all. There is only the horizontal steering indicator when in DG Mode.

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