Part# 11-05650
MFR Model# J3571


This shielded & jacketed aircraft wire conforms to MIL-C-27500 & replaces MIL-C-7078/3. It incorporates MIL-W-22759/18 basic wire and features a Tefzel insulation, a shield of tin- plated copper braid and a jacket of Tefzel. It is temperature rated to 150C & voltage rated at 600 volts. Top quality wire to military specs.

*8 Gauge shielded wire is used in converting generator systems to alternators. Conforms to MIL-C-27500

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  • Construction; Stranded tin plated copper conductor extruded etfe tin plated copper braid 85% coverage white extruded etfe jacket.
  • Color: White

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Excellent service

Ray H
February 15, 2021

Excellent online experience. this is the PERFECT wire for my application. This is a very high quality shielded wire, Very small overall diameter even in the larger AWG sizes... The 22 AWG I am using is perfect for my application.

David W
December 11, 2020

Outstanding condition, great packaging, meets spec and shipped fast

Gerald G
September 18, 2020

Got just what I ordered delivery was fast . Have always gotten good service from our craft Brewers. Have been purchasing from them for many years for experimental and certified aircraft.They are always helpful when you have questions.

Allan S
September 8, 2020

quick service and shipping

Tasa A
August 24, 2020

received very fast, product as expected

Tasa A
August 19, 2020

Super quality, Exactly as ordered.

John A
July 13, 2020

Received in good condition as advertised. Happy with the product.

May 4, 2020

Product was just as describe. Aircraft Spruce is one of the few places where you can find a myriad selection of shielded wire in different gauges cut to length. Would definitely purchase from them again in the future.

March 26, 2020

Its Mil spec ... excellent quality!

Jim S
March 23, 2020


Q: What color is the Shielded MIL-C-27500 wire listed on this page?

All the wire listed on this page is white.

Q: What tool do you recommend for stripping just the jacket of your 11-14418 shielded wire?

The only approved tool is part number 12-02031. Otherwise a razor blade is used.

Q: What is the diameter of the shielded #6 wire?

It is 5/16" diameter.

Q: What is the diameter of 20 awg shielded wire?

The diameter of shielded 20ga white wire M27500-20TG1T14 part # 11-14420 is 2mm.

Q: What is the outside diameter of MIL-C-27500, 16 gauge wire?

The nominal outside diameter of 16 ga wire under m27500-16tg1t14 is .092 inches.

Q: Is the 24 gauge 2 conductor a twisted pair wire?

M27500-24TG1T14 is a single conductor. Please look at Part# 11-04477.

Q: Is the M27500-18TG3T14 wire have two internal wires with a shield for three conductor or three internal wires with an external shield (4 conductors total)?

This has an external shield and has 3 individual wires inside.

Q: What is the outer diameter of the M27500-22TG6T14 cable?

.180 inch OD.

Q: What are the applications for shielded wire vs un-shielded wire?

The installation manual for the unit in question must always be consulted for the recommended wire that must be used.

Q: Is this tefzel wire?

No this is Extruded Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene

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