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12 Pack
CH48103-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48104-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48108-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48109-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48110-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48111-1 Champion Oil Filter
CH48114-1 Champion Oil Filter
CFO-100-1 Champion Oil Filter
CFO-101 Champion Oil Filter
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Customers told Champion Aerospace the height of a standard oil filter can make it difficult for them to install the filter in certain engine applications. So, operating on the premise that size really does matter, they made their Champion oil filter can 1/2" shorter and, in the process, added design improvements that now make their filters stronger and more effective than ever before.

Champion Aerospace’s full-pleat, resin-impregnated micronic filter media traps all harmful particles, including metallic chips which result from abnormal engine wear. Because the oil flows through many layers of locked-in fibers, there is no migration of fiber material to clog engine oil passages or affect bearing surfaces. According to industry-approved tests, the Champion oil filter traps and holds more dirt and harmful particles during its normal operating time than any other similar filter.
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Why do we pay $27 for practically the same thing that we pay $5 for at the auto parts store? The conventional wisdom is that the lack of production volume, the costs of FAA certification, and product liability drive the costs of these items. Is that true? I looked into the first factor at least - production volume. Based on Bureau of Transportation statistics my best guess is that there are about 200,000 active GA piston engines out there in the US. Assuming that on average each one of those gets an oil change once a year, thats a pretty limited market. And then when you remember that there is a variety of different filters to fit the different installations, the number of any particular filter will be much less. Not to mention that there are different manufacturers for each part. So I feel better now about the $27. Maybe the cost will go down when we all have those new flying cars. ...Oh, but they will be electric!

December 13, 2018

The filter arrived quickly and was just what I ordered.

Richard L
August 5, 2018

Order filled promptly, carefully packed and shipped. Great service from the team in Peachtree City!

Jim H
July 16, 2018

Tried and true. I have heard about other filters superior bypass mechanism and cheaper price. Without verifying the claim with experiments I know these filters have worked for decades.

July 5, 2018

Fast delivery fast quote, invoice. Trusted supplier

Mylab S
June 19, 2018

Received my order promptly.

Thomas P
May 18, 2018

These are exact replacements for the spin on oil filters I use on a Continental C90 12F engine. Being I live in Georgia, I love the convenience of ordering parts and supplies for my aircraft from and their next day delivery to where I live. They are very helpful at answering any questions that might arise as well. Thanks Pilotshop!

March 19, 2018

I looked up the part number, placed my order, and paid, and the filters were delivered. It was like magic.

Dennis M
March 3, 2018

Great customer service and timely shipping.

Tom L
February 10, 2018

Best oil filter on the market

Edward H
January 14, 2018


Q: Can you tell me what the -1 means in the CH48108-1? The filter that I currently have is just ES48108

The -1 at the end of a Champion oil filter indicates that it is the newest version of the filter, which is shorter than the original oil filter. The original size has not been available for several years. If you are replacing the ES48108, then the CH48108-1 (part number 08-00907) is the correct replacement.

Q: What is the difference between the Champion Oil Filter # CH48108-1 and the CH48109-1?

The CH48108-1 & CH48109-1 have the same mounting thread, but the CH48109-1 is a taller filter than the CH48108-1.

Q: Can I use a CH48104 in place of a CH48103 if I have the necessary clearance?

The CH48103-1 and CH48104-1 are interchangeable.

Q: Can the Champion CH48108, CH48109, and CH48110 oil filters be used interchangeably?

The CH48108-1 & CH48109-1 can be used interchangeably. The CH48109-1 is just longer than the CH48108-1, and both units have female threads for installation. The CH48110-1 has male threads and is interchangeable with the CH48111-1.

Q: What is the overall length of the CH48103-1 Champion oil filter?

The overall length is approximately 4-3/4".

Q: If I remember right, the CH48110-1 is just the shorter version of the CH48111-1, correct?

Yes, that is correct. CH48110-1 is the shorter version of the CH48111-1. Both have the same thread.

Q: I bought a Cessna 177B FG 1976 and the mechanics have been using the Champion CH48103-1 part oil filter. However, the Champion chart from your website specifies this part number for the RG with IO-360 200h.p. engine, and says to use CH48110-1 for my FG type airplane with the O-360 180h.p. engine. Are these 2 oil filters interchangeable, and what are the differences?

They are not interchangeable. The CH48103-1 has female threads and the CH48110-1 has male threads. There are two Champion documents we have listed. Each has a different filter for this application. This must be a misprint. Consult your A&P if you have concerns with the filter they are using. You may also want review your aircraft, or engine, parts manual.

Q: Does the Champion CH48108-1 filter have an internal check valve? I am looking for a filter that does not have an internal check valve.

This part does have a internal check valve. All current oil filters made by Champion and Tempest will have this.

Q: What oil filter goes on a Continental IO-240-B engine?

The recommended filter for the IO-240-B is the CH48108-1 according to the Champion application chart.

Q: Does Champion make an equivalent filter to the Tempest AA48162

No, they do not.

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