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From $16.75 to $87.50
Description Size Stem Type Part No. Price Buy
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 500 X 5 90° 06-00755 $63.95
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 600-6 STR 06-00754 $54.95
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 280/250-4 90° 06-00760 $16.75
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 410/350-4 90° 06-00761 $21.85
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 12.5-4.5 90° 06-00762 $75.85
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 700/800-6 STR 06-00764 $62.50
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 650/700-8 STR 06-00766 $62.50
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 650-10 STR 06-00767 $59.45
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 750-10 STR 06-00768 $87.50
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 850-10 STR 06-00769 $79.25
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 15/600-6 STR 06-00770 $59.95
LEAK-GUARD TUBE 600-6 70° 06-03303 $62.25
Subtotal $0.00
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"LEAKGUARD" BUTYL TUBE (New Easy Flate Valve)

New EASY INFLATE Valve Makes Inflation Less Of A Chore. Valve Is Angled Toward You, Easier To Inflate, Easier To Check The Pressure. "LEAKGUARD®" Inner Tubes Are Blended With A Proprietary Leak Resistant Compound For Less Maintenance.

"LEAKGUARD®" Butyl Inner Tubes Are Blended With A Proprietary Leak Resistant Compound For Less Maintenance. Aero Classic provides more aircraft tubes to the US Military than any other manufacturer. Aero Classic tubes are FULL SIZE, not stretch to fit.

Note: Angled "Easy Flate" valves may not work with hubcaps.
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Aero Classic makes a standard tube and a leakguard tube. I have seen quite a few problems with their standard tubes but I have never seen one with the leakguard tube. I just looked at my quick books program and in the last 10 years I have installed 24 of the 6.00-6 leakguard inner tubes and 8 of the 5.00-5 tubes. I have never had an inner tube failure on a clients airplane. My advice is to make sure you are buying a Leakguard inner tube and avoid their standard tubes.

Mavin J
September 30, 2019

Saw the low rating, thought Id add my 2 cents. We have run these (6.00-6) for many years in 3 Cessna 185 amphibs and have had fantastic service from them. We take them out of service when the tire is worn out, probably 600 hours or so, and have only seen one failure at a valve stem. I certainly understand the frustration of others poor experience but ours has been great. I recommend these to all the folks we deal with.

Pacific W
September 13, 2019

These tubes rock. I put them on my Comp Air 6 and I havent had to add any air in a year. Most other tubes you have to top off about every three months. As it says in the instructions, recheck pressure the next day after initial installation because the air trapped between the tire and tube will bleed off. After that they just dont leak. Well worth the slight extra cost over standard tubes.

Kurt E
June 3, 2019

Not much I can really say, its an inner tube. It fit without issue, was well packaged and I hope it will give me at least 7 years of service like the last one. The construction seems to be much thicker than my old one so that should help.

February 13, 2017

I run an MRO and have used these tubes for years without problems until this month. I too experienced the pinhole in the side wall. I think that low air pressure could contribute to this problem along with not using enough talc when installing. We have literally installed 100s of these over the years and have only seen a few failures.

Djs A
September 20, 2019

Had replaced nose tire and tube on our 182 and used a leakguard tube. Got a flat away from our home airport, pinhole in sidewall. Replaced it Oct of 18 with a new leakguard tube. 2-7-20 got another flat away from home airport and you guessed it, a pinhole leak with more looking like they were not far behind. Tire is good and tire talc was used both times. Looking at buying another brand tube and trying it out.

Jason H
March 8, 2020

I have installed 2 of these tubes on the nose wheel of my Piper Warrior and both have developed pin holes on the side wall with no apparent puncture through the tire. The first only made it 30 days. The second made for 3 months. But had 2 large holes and was cracking along the same lines all on the middle of the side wall. Would not recommend.

Steve K
September 4, 2019

I have installed a 3 of these tubes on my RV6 over the past 3 years. Every one of them has failed with a pinhole leak in the sidewall with no damage or penetration to the tires. I wont buy any more.

Jimmy K
January 6, 2019

Did not last 4 months before it had pin hole leaks, pay me now or pay me later - get michelin.

Peter F
March 23, 2020

Another pinhole failure report for Aero Classic Leak-Guard 6.00-6. It lasted 3.4 years (and 137h TT). No crease in the pinhole location. I contacted Desser via online chat but they would not acknowledge there is a quality issue. All they offered me was a $20 discount on a new one. Pathetic. Interestingly, my nose wheel had a Leak-Guard and failed the same way 4.7 years ago. I replaced it with a different brand. So Im changing both my mains for a different brand. PS. I never write reviews but decided this is a safety issue.

January 14, 2020


Q: What's the difference between a 6.00x6 tire and a 600x6 tire? Will the tube that fits a 600x6 also fit the 6.00x6 tire?

There is no difference between 6.00x6 and 600x6. It is two different ways of saying the same thing. A 600x6 tube will fit a 6.00x6 tire and vice versa.

Q: Your 500x5 Leak-Guard tube P/N 06-00755. Does it have a TR-67A valve stem or a TR-87?

Tube # 06-00755 will have the TR-67A bent valve stem.

Q: Does the stem type designation STR indicates straight and will work with a hub capped wheel?

Yes, STR in the stem type column indicates straight.

Q: Are the Leak Guard tubes FAA PMAd for certified aircraft ?

Yes, they are approved for use on certified aircraft.

Q: Can you cross reference the following tube to an Aircraft Spruce part number ? Aero Classic Leakguard 6.00-6 Type III TR-20 p/n GL-6020B

This cross references to Spruce part# 06-00754.

Q: What is the difference between a tube pn 15/600-6 and pn 600-6?

The first number before the "x" indicates the tire's height or diameter when inflated and not under load. The middle number, that is the digits between the "x" and the "-," indicates the tire's width. So, the 15 x 600-6 specifically calls out the height as 15 inches. The standard 600-6 will be taller.

Q: Is there an Aero Classic Leakguard tube recommended for the Aero Classic 4.00x4 tire (Part# 06-00844)?

Tube part number 06-08102

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