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Part# 06-07710
MFR Model# AB3D2


If you''re looking for an increased level of performance and security at a price that won''t bust your budget, the Air Hawk® is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Improved tread compounds and high-strength casings offer added wear resistance and an extra measure of security. FAA approved and tested by thousands of pilots, the Air Hawk® delivers reliable, cost-effective performance under a wide variety of takeoff and landing conditions.
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Serious version: Im replacing an old nose wheel with the exact same tire - so that should tell you Im OK with it. As far as the old one, time is every tires enemy. The Air Hawk I am replacing came with the aircraft, and I have had it for three years. Am guessing that old tire has plenty more on it, but havent flipped through the logbook to determine how many more. The old one has good tread, but its starting to dry rot. Comical version: These items are round and composed of rubber. This is one of three used by my aircraft. You put them on the round metal surface under your airplane. Mine are inflated to 26 PSI. When you go to take off or land or even taxi, they are placed against the ground. As the aircraft moves on the ground, these spin against the surface to allow movement of the aircraft on the ground. When transitioning the aircraft from the sky back onto the terra firma, these again spin against the surface and may provide some assistance in cushioning the aircraft during this phase of flight. I really dig em.

March 7, 2020

Got tire, good service from Spruce !!

Ciro H
March 5, 2020

The tires were priced right and arrived the next day, with free shipping (to N/W PA). After cleaning and repacking the wheel bearings, the tires mounted easily. Waited overnight to recheck air pressures, all was good. Reinstalled onto the airplane, made the required logbook entry and went flying. Now, I find myself taking extra precautions to make greaser landings just to keep the new rubber where it belongs (not on some strip of pavement!). Thanks Aircraft Spruce for a great experience!

Flying F
February 1, 2020

Received both items (tire & tube) two days before guaranteed date.

Monroe M
December 5, 2019

Black and Round. I like it.

William W
November 21, 2019

Everything I ordered correct and delivered on time.

Mike N
October 31, 2019

Great tire at a great price.

Stanley E
October 13, 2019

My A&P put a pair of these on my mains last year, they have been fine. Recently my nose tire developed a shake and we discovered that the tire was quite out of round. I installed an air hawk myself and have been pleased, smooth and vibration free from the start.

June 23, 2019

Winston M
January 24, 2019

Only the best for the nose wheel.

December 15, 2018


Q: Regarding the Goodyear 500-5 10 ply tire: Does this tire require a tube? If so, which tube is recommended?

Yes, this tire will require a tube. The recommended Goodyear tube to use with this tire is part number 06-05000.

Q: What is the Ply Rating? Which one should a choose?

The ply rating branded on a tire's sidewall helps identify how much load the tire is designed to carry at its industry specified pressure. Different aircraft require different ply ratings based on the weights. You will need to review the application chart to determine which ply rating you require for your aircraft.

Q: I would like to purchase two Air Hawk 500-5 mainwheel tyres Part # 06-07710. Can you please confirm that tube Part # 06-00755 would be suitable for this particular tyre? (it's to fit on my Long Ez)

Yes, 06-00755 would be a great tube for tire # 06-07710.

Q: How much do the 29/1100-10s (part # 06-00312) weigh?

The weight of this tire is 37.3 lbs.

Q: What is the speed rating of the 600x6 8 ply Air Hawk Tire, part # 06-07910?

This has a speed rating of 120mph.

Q: What does type determine? I have a 172N that needs a new tire and tube. If I purchase one of the Specialty Tire brand 4 ply tires, is there a recommended tube to go along with it? Would it be the same for the Condor 4 ply?

The "Type" column is just the brand. You can use any of the 500-5 tubes listed in the Accessories tab with any of the 500-5 tires listed in the chart. So the answer to your question is that tubes are interchangeable and you can use any tube with any tire as long as the sizes are the same.

Q: Does the Air Hawk tire made by Specialty Tires have FAA/PMA approval?

Yes, the Air Hawk tires are approved for use on certified aircraft.

Q: What is the max capacity load and speed rating for part number 06-07710, AIR HAWK 500X5 4PLY TIRE?

800 lbs max load, 120 MPH speed rating.

Q: I need to order 6.50-10 8PLY, part # 06-07918, but I use it with a tube. Do you know if its TT ot TLess ?

Part # 06-07918 is a tube type tire.

Q: Could you pair this tire with a new tube please? Thx Part # 06-02553 15x600-6 6ply

For tire part # 06-02553, we recommend tube part # 06-08901.

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