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From $78.00 to $180.06
Michelin # Size Description PN Price Buy
097-500-0 15x6.0-6 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01373 $78.75
092-501-0 15x6.0-6 (H60 TW) Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00853 $166.75
097-534-0 22x8.0-8 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01374 $126.95
097-445-0 29 X 11.0-10 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-03360 $180.06
097-300-0 5.00-4 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01375 $174.75
092-308-0 5.00-5 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00019 $111.75
097-908-0 5.00-5 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-03361 $114.00
092-500-0 6.00-6 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00021 $78.00
092-344-0 6.50-10 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00849 $87.75
092-337-0 6.50-8 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00851 $87.75
097-373-0 7.50-10 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01376 $153.00
092-318-0 7.00-6 / 8.00-6 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00848 $83.75
092-348-0 8.50-10 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-00850 $125.95
097-383-0 8.90-12.50 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01378 $176.75
097-543-0 355x150-4 Michelin Airstop Tube 06-01487 $87.75
Subtotal $0.00
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Michelin AIRSTOP® designed to provide dependable air retention in a full range of operating conditions, with features not available in other brands

Reference & Application Chart

Part Number Size Stem Avg
097-500-0 15x6.0-6 TR-20 / Straight 1
092-501-0 15x6.0-6 (H60 TW) TR-67 / Bent 90 degrees 1
097-534-0 22x8.0-8 TR-15 / Straight 3
097-300-0* 5.00-4 TR-67 / Bent 90 degrees 1
092-308-0 5.00-5 TR-67A / Bent 90 degrees 1
092-500-0 6.00-6 TR-20 / Straight 1
092-344-0 6.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 2
092-337-0 6.50-8 TR-15 / Straight 2
092-318-0 7.00-6 / 8.00-6 TR-20 / Straight 2
097-373-0 7.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 3
092-348-0 8.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 3
097-383-0* 8.90-12.50 TR-15 / Straight 4
097-543-0 355x150-4 Bent 90 degrees 1
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Good service, good product

Harlan S
July 25, 2019

Decent price for small quantities like we need as a non-profit school. Always a pleasure talking with your sales people, they are always helpful and professional.

Jerry D
May 30, 2019

Very disappointed. Slow leak developed in about 18 months where two seams (the spiral seam and the diameter seam) cross. No puncture -- no visible hole -- but bubbles when pressurized under water. But a fast enough leak that the tire goes flat tire overnight. Maybe they had a bad week in the factory (W 43 2017) on P/N 092-308-0. Clearly a manufacturing defect and totally unacceptable for a $100 tube.

Paul C
May 12, 2019

Excellent tires and tubes, have been using Michelin for many years on my plane with the best service. No having to check and air up every month!

Leslie L
April 18, 2019

A quality tube, easy to install and does not leak.

W. J
March 1, 2019

Great quality and were pre talced. Fit and finish were spot on and I am happy. Time will tell if they do not leak down.

Scott S
January 20, 2019

Easy install. This is a nose wheel with a hub cap. These tubes retain air pressure very well so it will reduce the hassle of adding air as often.

December 15, 2018

Had three flat tires on my right tire with less expensive tubes and not one flat on the left tire that had this brand and type of tube.

November 29, 2018

It was flat when I received it, but it turned out to be round and held air once installed inside the tire and mounted on the wheel. It was the most fun I’ve ever had changing an inner tube, including the time I was floating down the river and swapped tubes with one my buddies right in the middle of a set of rapids. Good times. I bought two. Can’t wait for next time.

Lachlan M
October 4, 2018

I wish new tubes would include a bag of talcum powder for the installation and long term durability.

Bill B
August 20, 2018


Q: What is the correct tube size for the michelin 380x150-5 (part no. 070-554-0)? I want to go with the airstop tubes, is the 5.00x5 (part no. 092-308-0) the correct one? Thanks!

Yes, the correct tube for the 380x150-5 tire is the 5.00x5 Airstop tube, our part # 06-00019.

Q: Do the Michelin Airstop Tubes come with talc?

Yes, the Michelin Airstop tubes come with a light dusting of talc. We sell tire talc separately as well if you would like to add more talc for the install.

Q: Do these Michelin Airstop tubes come with 90 degree stems or straight stems?

The stem types are varied. If you look in the 'Reference and Application Chart' tab you will see the stem type for each tube listed.

Q: Which Airstop tube goes with the 11x4.00-5 tire?

Michelin does not have the tube for a the 11x400-5. For the 11x400-5 tire, we recommend part # 15-04651.

Q: Will 06-00019 tube work for 06-01436 tire?

Yes, these two will work great together.

Q: What is the difference between the 5.00 x 5 Michelin tubes P/Ns 092-308-0 and 097-908-0? We have ordered the 092-308-0 two times and have received the 097-908-0. We dont see the 097-908-0 on any of the aircraft application charts.

Michelin replaced the 092-308-0 with 097-908-0.

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