GOODYEAR FLIGHT SPECIAL II TIRE 6.00-6 6 PLY 301-027-420/421 606C61B1

Part# 06-07300
MFR Model# 301-027-420


A popular replacement aircraft tire for light aircraft, the Flight Special is an unsurpassed combination of value and performance. Designed for long tread life, this aircraft tire is built to last. Every strand of nylon cord in the casing has been triple tempered with time, tension and temperature to provide the ultimate in tire construction, uniformity and strength.


  • Wide rib tread design and large footprint
  • Tough-wearing tread rubber
  • Triple-tempered nylon casing cord


  • Enhanced traction
  • Uniform wear and extended service life
  • Quality construction
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A tire, tube, hardware, or whatever I buy from Aircraft Spruce, is exactly what I expected, arrives quickly, and the customer service is superior. Bruce Baer

Bruce B
March 31, 2021

Had purchased a Flight Training tire from Aircraft spruce and it would not balance. Mechanic said it was also not tracking true. Contacted Aircraft Spruce for return but no response. As Aircraft Spruce has been great in the past, I went ahead and ordered the Flight Special II Tire and it has been great. It easily balanced and was a much more substantial tire that the cheaper one.

March 30, 2021

Fast delivery, order was correct, the tires were dated 2017 making them almost 3 years old when I got them but appear to be fine. Was a bit surprised that current Goodyear tires are made in Taiwan but the quality still seems to be fine.

Steve P
September 22, 2019


Q: Do these Goodyear Flight Special II tires come on a wheel as pictured?

No, these are just the tires. The wheel is a representative image, it is not included.

Q: Is this tire okay with Cessna 175?

Yes, the Cessna 175 uses 600-6 tires for main wheels.

Q: Is this tire okay with cessna 152 and cessna 172R?

Yes, the 600-6 size is the main tire size for the 152 and the 172R.

Q: Is this tire good for a Piper Seneca?

Yes, the Seneca PA-34 uses 600-6 size tires.

Q: Whats the difference between this tire (606C61-6) and 606C61B1? Are they the same tires? Can it be used for PA-28?

There is no difference. They are the same tire. Yes those part number both cross to 06-07300 in our system and they could be used on a PA-28.

Q: If 606C61B1 and 606C61-6 are the same tire, which part number will be shown on the tire tag?This is very important to us,because we can only use tires with the 606C61B1 tag.

606C61B1 will be on the tire.

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