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Sunday - 10/20/2019
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The Atis Wheel™ PRO is a mechanical device designed to help the airplane pilot in recording all ATIS information while presenting the data as a graphic depiction. The Atis Wheel™ PRO is presented on a 3.5"x 5.5" rectangular durable format with seven individual 1.5" wheels positioned about the perimeter of the device along with two, 3" concentric wheels positioned in the center.
Each wheel's topic coincides with the sequential information reported in the airport terminal area's ATIS broadcast.

Once the information is entered onto the Atis Wheel™ PRO, this displayed information is now available to the pilot for continued reference without the possibility of transcription error or forgetting the pertinent ATIS data. (It is recommended that the pilot listen to the pre-recorded ATIS information twice to verify that the correct information has been entered on the Atis Wheel™ PRO.)

The Atis Wheel™ PRO information follows the sequential presentation of the ATIS information, providing the pilot the following data:

The ATIS information phonetic letter identifying this specific ATIS report, named sequentially after a phonetic letter of the alphabet.
Example: This is Providence ATIS information ALPHA.

The time the ATIS information was recorded - in ZULU (GMT) time.

In as much as all ATIS information should be current, there is no wheel on the Atis Wheel™ PRO to record the ZULU time.

The DIRECTION from which the wind is blowing.

The VELOCITY of the wind, and wind GUSTS, if any.

The VISIBILITY and SKY condition.

The CEILING of the sky (if any) and cloud height, if OVERCAST.


The RUNWAY in use for LANDING and TAKEOFF.

The instrument APPROACH in use for landing.

The BAROMETRIC pressure, in order to calibrate the altimeter Additional tower comments (i.e., notice of closed taxies, etc.)

The Atis Wheel™ PRO also displays clearly the visual relationship between the wind direction and the active runway, informing the pilot as to the pending cross wind takeoff and landing situation.

The Atis Wheel™ PRO is conveniently sized to fit in a shirt pocket for easy reference.

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