Part# 06-05300-1
MFR Model# 302-246-401


A "B" at the end of a description means BENT valve stem. An "S" at the end of a description means STRAIGHT valve stem.

  • (1) For use in both 5.00-5 and G380x150-5 (15x6.00-5).
  • (2) For use in both 6.00-6 and 15x6.00-6 tires
  • (3) For use in both 7.00-6 and 8.00-6 tires.
  • (4) For use in 6.50-8, 19.5x6. 75-8 & 22x8.00-8 tires.
  • (5) Discontinued, call for Special Pricing
-Natural rubber aircraft tubes comply with the requirements of Goodyear QAI 2525, which the U.S. Military has accepted in lieu of MIL-I-5014.

-Flight Mate (Butyl) tubes comply with the requirements of SAE document AS 50141.
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Purchased for the upcoming May annual. This product wasnt received during the initial order that also included a 6.00 x 6 Goodyear Custom III 8-ply tire and several other items.

Jerry (
March 26, 2021

Great tube! I used these to replace the tubes on my C150.

January 1, 2021

Product was good, better than expected.

Richard J
August 31, 2020

Good service on a return. Wrong tire

Joe J
March 23, 2020

Does not seep air - by that I mean that I am not topping up my tyres every month. I replaced all three previous Goodyear tyres and tube with new Goodyear ones. This time however instead of the natural rubber tubes, I ordered the butyl tubes. They certainly hold air and come with the nice yellow official airplane tire cap as well.

Bruce B
July 26, 2019

Action A
April 21, 2019

Ive had this tire about a month, (Purchased in Feb) no problems as of now. Well see how this handles flying in the summer months. Tire was easy to work with.

March 19, 2019

It is a tire of choice and performance.

Cindy M
December 17, 2018

Good price, quick delivery! Thanks!

Bill N
August 24, 2017

I bought one one inner tube because I still had a new one that I bought from you 7 years ago and Goodyear says that they have an unlimited shelf-life. The old new tube was still untouched in your packaging, which consists of a rubber band and folded into a clear plastic wrapper. The new one was packed exactly the same. My 7 year old unopened tube has a hole in it at one of the folded corners, where it was folded up before being wrapped in the clear plastic wrapper. It decomposed inside the wrapper over the years. So I re-used my old tube, which my mechanic says is not advised. A mechanic neighbor says Goodyear tubes usually come in a box. I suspect my broken tube is due to your repackaging of the Goodyear inner tube. I just wanted to let you know that I suspect that your packaging is damaging a product. If my re-used inner tube leads to problems Ill be upset.

Bob W
November 2, 2020


Q: Are these tubes sold individually or as a pair?

These tubes are priced and sold each. 1 per order of 1.

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