Part# 06-00755
MFR Model# GL-5067B


Leakguard Inner Tubes proprietary rubber compound substantially reduces the air seepage effect that is common in standard aircraft tubes currently available. Get tomorrow's technology today!

Tested to MIL-I-5014F
Supplier to USA Military & Foreign Armed Forces

Valve: TR-67A
Angle Degree: 90

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These are fine. Previous ones lasted 2 1/2 years and could have gone much longer. Only changed them because I changed tires. When I ordered, I wasn’t 100%sure I got the correct versions of valve stem. They were correct.

Dave C
March 5, 2020

Is less ridiculously priced than others. Air went in and it got fat. Two thumbs up.

March 1, 2020

High quality tube at a good price.

Ross C
July 12, 2018

All good. Ordered it, received it, installed it. Right part for right application. Thank you for stocking it and getting to to me right away.

Michael J
January 18, 2020

Its a good tube...shipping too high, but the tube is ok.

Joe Z
June 15, 2017

How can inner tubes not much bigger than a good size donut be within a few dollars of the tires? They better work really well and last a long time.

June 12, 2020

Purchased this inner tube in November and put it on my plane in December. On June 5th of the next year it was flat. Pulled it out of tire and dunked it to find a pinhole leak in the sidewall. Saw feedback from this manufacturer on similar tubes. Seems to be a common problem with Aero Classic Tubes.

Stephen T
June 7, 2020


Q: I have a Piper Tomahawk. I am planning on ordering Air Trac 5.00 x 5 tires. Will these tubes work with those tires?

Yes, these 500-5 tubes will work fine with the Air Trac 5.00 x 5 tires.

Q: Will these tubes fit air hawk PN# 06-07700, which are 500-5 6 ply tires?

Yes, this Aero Classic tube will fit the Air Hawk 500-5 6 ply tires.

Q: Is this the correct tube for the Condor 5.00-5 tire? (part # 06-08010)

Yes, any 500-5 tube will work with the Condor 500-5 tire. You can use this Aero Classic model or Michelin part number 06-00019.

Q: I currently use a Goodyear 500x5 flight special 2 with the 90 degree stem on a glass air 2. Will the aero classic tube, Part # 06-00755, work?

Yes, this tube will fit the Goodyear 500x5 flight special II tire and has a 90 degree valve stem.

Q: What is the difference between TR-67A and TR-67 valve?

These are the same. Both are 90 degree bent valve stems.

Q: I have the Aero Trainer 5.00-5. Is this the correct tube?

Yes, this is the recommended tube for the Aero Trainer 500-5 tire.

Q: Is this a replacement for the previous part number 15-04881 500X5 Aero Trainer tube?

Yes, this is a standard 5.00x5 tube with a 90 degree stem. It can be used to replace the 500x5 Aero Trainer tube.

Q: Will these AERO CLASSIC TUBE 500-5 fits 06-07100?

Yes, tube part # 06-00755 is compatible with tire part # 06-07100. Both are 500-5 size.

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