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Part# 11-08358
MFR Model# 7274-2-5


Klixon 7274 series are small, lightweight, low amperage devices that are specifically designed to protect aircraft/aerospace cable and components in airborne vehicles and equipment.

The commercial grade version of this circuit breaker is the Klixon 7277 series. The 7277 and 7274-2 series circuit breakers are physically and electrically identical, with the exception that the 7277 has wider calibration limits.


The 7274 features a trip–free, indicating reset button and is available in standard ratings from ˝ to 20 amps.

Wiping Action
A "wiping action" contact design assures low voltage drop, faster trip time and high reliability in low voltage applications. They are available in standard ratings from ˝ to 20 amps.

Water Resistant Panel
A water resistant panel seal designed to fit over the push button actuator is available for applications that require this type of protection.


  • Uses minimum space
  • Light weight
  • Trip–free
  • MIL-C-5809 qualified
  • Current rating: 5 amp
  • Low amp
  • High vibration resistance
  • Typical use: Military airborne vehicle and equipment protection


  • Amp: 5
  • MS#: MS26574-5
  • Vibration: 10G minimum, 50–500 Hz (other vibration levels available)
  • Mechanical Shock: 35G
  • Acceleration: 10G
  • Weight: 7274-2 (MS 26574): 28 grams maximum; 7274-4 (MS 26574 A): 28 grams maximum; 7274-11 (MS 22073): 33 grams maximum; 7274-69 (MS 22073V): 33 grams; 7274-70 (MS 26474L): 33 grams
  • Interrupt Current: 0.50–5 amps: unlimited at 28 VDC; 7.50–15 amps: 2,000 amps at 28 VDC; 0.50–1.50 amps: unlimited at 120 VAC, 400 Hz; 2–5 amps: 800 amps at 120 VAC, 400 Hz; 7.50–20 amps: 500 amps at 120 VAC, 400 Hz
  • Endurance: 2,500 cycles: 120 VAC, 400 Hz inductive; 5,000 cycles: 120 VAC, 400 Hz resistive; 2,500 cycles: 30 VDC inductive; 5,000 cycles: 30 VDC resistive; 10,000 cycles: Mechanical, no load
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Certainly appears to be a quality product. Its not really something that an evaluation is necessary on. Or the other circuit breakers that I purchased.

Donald E
August 16, 2019

A bit more expensive, but is mil spec and compact - always a bonus when things use less space when working behind the panel.

Ray A
May 24, 2019

Good value, quality breaker.

March 29, 2018


Q: Are the 7274 circuit breakers PMA approved?

The 7274 series Klixon breakers meet MIL-MS26574 spec. They are not FAA PMA approved but the Mil spec allows them to be installed on certified aircraft. MIL-C-5809 qualified.

Q: What are the physical dimensions of this Klixon 7274-2-5 circuit breaker, LxWxH?

The dimensions are 3/4" L x 9/16" W x 2" H.

Q: What is the mounting hole size of the Klixon 7274-2-5 breaker?

The mounting hole should be approximately .445" to fit the 7/16-32 threaded neck to the panel.

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