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From $0.80 to $21.50
Description AWG Material PN Price Buy
Insertion & Extraction / Blue & White16Metal
Insertion & Extraction / Red & White20Metal
Insertion & Extraction / Red & White24-20Metal
Insertion & Extraction / Green & White20Plastic
Insertion & Extraction / Green & White22Metal
Insertion & Extraction / Green & White22-28Metal
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The insertion of contacts during assembly or replacement during repair is quick and easy with the appropriate tools. The tools have to fit the contacts and the connectors if assembly and repair are to be carried out correctly.

Plastic Body, Metal Tip Insertion & Extraction Tool

After you've installed the pins on the wiring to a connector, this tool will help you set the pins correctly into the connector housing. This tool is also absolutely necessary to use for extracting a proken pin for replacement or moving a misplaced pin for relocation. Insert and extract all your connector pins & sockets with this premium tool.

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Great for Garmins DB9 and DB25 connectors. If youre working with their 44 pin connectors (High Density pins), you need the green and white tool.

Nathan M
April 13, 2020

Makes life much better when removing or installing the pins on a 15 or 24 pin plug. Without this tool you are sure to damage the pin and most likely the plug.

Don B
July 19, 2018

It is metal so it is far better than the plastic ones. But mine arrived with a bend in it. Appears to be a kink from manufacturing, not shipping. Still functional but not top quality. However, I have not found a better one anywhere. It does remove pins and insert pins. Takes practice.

Steve L
March 15, 2018

I needed to inset female sub D pins. It helps during the insertion but if you want to remove the sub Ds you will need this tool. could not do without it and well worth the money.

Eric A
August 24, 2017

These tools bend very easily and wont work when even slightly bent. I have been trying to remove pins from a connector in a difficult place behind the panel where the angle Im working and the adjacent wires makes it hard to use the extraction tool. Ive damaged three metal tools and three plastic tools getting three pins out, after practicing on the bench. The plastic extractor to my surprise has held up better.

David H
July 13, 2020

I am a retired airline avionics tech of 25 years. I purchased a couple of these insert/ extraction tools to replace my old worn tools. I found the tools poorly made. I inserted a 20 series sub-d socket and a wire crimped socket into a connector to see how well the extraction tool would release. Trying both of the tools I purchased, I could not get either of the sockets to release. I finally had to use one of my old AMP grade tools to extract the sockets from the connector without any problems.

Dan B
December 4, 2018


Q: What is the manufacturer's part number for INSERTION/EXTRACTION tool, 11-04435?

Manufacturer part # is M81969-1-04

Q: What gauges is this rated for?

AWG is listed as a column in the ordering grid. Each tool has a specific gauge it is used for.

Q: what is the quantity per price that these items are sold in?

These are priced and sold individually.

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