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Right angle nipples made of silicone rubber
MIL-R-5847, Class II, Grade 50. A-A-59178B


A-A-59178B A B C D E F G H
Dash No. Max. .125 .005 Dia. Dia. Dia. Dia. Dia.
-1 1.38" 0.56" 0.06" 0.4" 0.63" 0.16" 0.41" 0.76"
-2 2.5" 1" 0.06" 0.56" 0.82" 0.31" 0.56" 0.95"
-3 2.5" 1" 0.06" 0.56" 0.82" 0.43" 0.68" 0.95"
-4 2.5" 1" 0.06" 0.56" 0.82" 0.56" 0.82" 0.95"
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Perfect Fit!

September 21, 2019

They made of good materials and dimensionally accurate. The black is black and the white is white, but the red is as shown - kind of a brownish orange. I would prefer a pure red nipple, but that does not diminish the value of these for insulation protection of terminals - which they do well.

Ronald G
July 11, 2019

Great quality and a perfect replacement item for the disintegrating old boots on your contactors/battery/etc. Get a couple of each size. Try -4S for battery terminals and contactor power terminals and -1S for most smaller posts such as magnetos and contactor coil posts.

Ray A
June 3, 2019

I ended up buying all four available sizes, keeping them in stock for when I need them. Fit and function are good!

James H
June 5, 2018

Just what they appear to be. Can be stretched a bit for a snug fit.

Terry H
June 4, 2018

They are a hard to find item. But the ones I got from Aircraft Spruce really work great. Thank you.

Dennis B
May 4, 2018

Much appreciate ACS stocking these things are they are an obscure item tough to find elsewhere. The quality of the rubber seems good. I stock a few of each size as the price is right and then I have the right one available when I need it. These are not the sort of item you want to put the project on hold while you order one.

Bruce B
December 30, 2017

Excellent product that is difficult to find locally, but Spruce is a prompt shipper. Thanks guys!

April 2, 2017

As expected

Jp G
August 24, 2019

Bought one that tore apart taking it out of ACS plastic bag. My first thought was they found out exactly how thin and how cheap they can make these now ! Sent it back to ACS for replacement

Doug L
October 22, 2017


Q: Are these widths in inches or cm?

The dimensions listed are in inches.

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