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GDL82 with GPS KitGDL82 with GPS Kit + Custom Harness
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The GDL 82 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) datalink, is the latest addition to the comprehensive lineup of certified ADS-B solutions available from Garmin. GDL 82 is a small, lightweight Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) datalink with a built-in GPS receiver. For aircraft owners looking for an economical and turnkey solution to satisfy the requirements of ADS-B “Out”, GDL 82 is a straightforward path to meet regulatory requirements.

GDL 82 broadcasts on the 978 MHz frequency, providing a rule-compliant ADS-B “Out” solution for aircraft operating below 18,000’ in the United States. Installation is quick and easy because GDL 82 utilizes a patent-pending design, in which GDL 82 is installed in-line with the aircraft’s existing transponder antenna wiring to transmit the necessary ADS-B “Out” information. The WAAS GPS receiver required for ADS-B compliance is built-in and a GPS antenna is included to offer additional cost-savings for aircraft owners without an existing WAAS GPS on board their aircraft.

82 also contains AutoSquawk interrogation technology, whichGDL interfaces with most Mode C general aviation transponders to synchronize the squawk code and pressure altitude information from the transponder with GDL 82, eliminating the need to install a separate dedicated UAT control panel and altitude encoder. (Please reference the installation manual to determine if the existing Mode C transponder meets compatibility requirements.) This technology not only simplifies installation but also eliminates the burden of the pilot manually keeping the squawk code in sync.

Pilots who already utilize an ADS-B “In” receiver — such as the GDL 52, GDL 39/GDL 39 3D and the Stratus line of portable solutions — can receive additional benefits as the GDL 82 complements many existing products on the market. With ADS-B “Out” participation, pilots using these products have access to a more comprehensive ADS-B “In” traffic picture, resulting in improved situational awareness.


  • Small, lightweight ADS-B “Out” datalink designed to work with your existing transponder
  • 978 MHz universal access (UAT) output enables aircraft to operate in controlled U.S. airspace below 18,000'
  • Uses AutoSquawk technology to automatically sync with the existing transponder in your aircraft
  • Includes built-in WAAS GPS position source (for ADS-B reference only)
  • For inflight privacy, an Anonymous mode can be set to mask your aircraft ID from displaying on other aircraft’s ADS-B “In” traffic display


  • Unit size, WxHxD: 3.39" x 1.48" x 9.22" (8.6 x 3.8 x 23.42 cm) including connectors
  • Weight: 1 lb 4 oz (0.57 kg) with WAAS GPS
  • Temperature: -45°C to +70°C
  • Power input: 14 or 28 VDC (8 W max.)
  • Transmitter output: 46 dBm (40 W)
  • Environmental compliance (TSO Approved): DO-160G
  • Software compliance (TSO Approved): DO-178 Level D and Level B
  • Hardware compliance (TSO Approved): DO-254 Level C
  • TSO compliance (Approved): TSO-C145d (B2), TSO-C154c (B1S)

In The Box

  • GDL 82 ADS-B “Out” Datalink
  • Connector Kit
  • Garmin GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna
  • Accessories
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Works as advertised, the pins to crimp are tiny and take tiny wires 22-24 gauge so be aware of that for the tools are $$ to buy. Flight test went very well for the adsb test. Computer formatting with laptop was straight fwd using printer cord except there is no mention to double click when curser is blinking in box to get it to type :/ ( maybe Im comp. illiterate lol ) This unit has an RS-232 output wire meaning you can output the waas gps antenna to other things .... another bonus which the tailbeacon does not have . Another thing is the transmit test was feeding through my garbage Ameriking elt but by unhooking coax at elt no problems for the test portion. All in All happy with this unit and seems to be solid so far.

Phil S
October 12, 2019

Just installed the GDL-82 in my Twin Comanche with no install issues, install took 12 hours. Downloaded the Install Tool and the configuration went well. So far so good pulled plane the plane out of the hanger and did a ground check and everything booted up with no faults. I will do the test flight soon I dont see any issues moving forward. George K.

George K
July 23, 2019

Don J
June 17, 2019

Delivered promptly in good condition. Unit worked as advertised. Wiring harness not so much. The wires for the anonoymous switch and annunciator light were in the box but not in the connector. Had to order and wait on a d-sub micro extraction and insertion tool to do the install. Blank pins were in the positions for those positions. Slowed the install down by a couple days and I paid for a completely wired harness.

Robert B
February 2, 2019

I am unable to review it as I havent had time to install it!! All the parts came in the package so Im hoping it will work as advertised!

John A
December 29, 2018

So far no complaints. This is what the csr who dosent want to put much money into a system but have something that works. We have installed 2 so far. Some minor issues with installation but nothing we couldnt work through.

Cindy M
December 17, 2018

I have installed 4 of these. Easy and solid results. I am not a professional installer just a experimental homebuilder. I would discourage the pre-made harness as the wiring is very simple to make. Havent had any trouble with the USB pigtail or pins. One thought would be for Garmin to pre-crimp at least the USB pins at the factory to avoid issues. Especially if what another reviewer posted is correct and Garmin cant provide replacement pins for the USB pigtail. The rest of the harness could then be fabricated in the field. I added the anonymous mode remote switch to every install. The great thing about the 82 is no additional transponder antenna and being out only. That leaves the options for in wide open now and in the future.

July 12, 2018

First of all, let me say that these complaints are directed at Garmin, not ACS who delivered the device in good shape in a timely manner. First of all, I didnt need the GA 35 antenna, but was forced to purchase one along with the GDL 82. I would like to see Garmin offer just the box without the antenna. Secondly, the unit comes with no instructions whatsoever. ACS has the 80 page installation manual here under Documents, so that has to be downloaded first. That document has most of the information you will need, but not all. As others have mentioned, the USB connector is cheap and has two #28 wires that require a special crimper. I ended up soldering mine. The instructions should have elaborated on crimping those tiny and fragile wires. If I had it to do over again, I would have ordered the optional harness. Garmin has a series of helpful videos that perhaps ACS might want to link here. https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/support/articles/?tags=region_aviation&tags=product_aviationproductfamil&tags=region_avhowtooperation&searchText=gdl%2082 Finding the GD8X install tool at the Garmin site was difficult. One would have thought that the installation manual would have provided a link, but it didnt. Once I found it and installed it, it left an Icon on my desktop for the _install_ program, but not the _configuration_ program. I finally found the latter in C:/Program Files (X86)/Garmin/GDL 8X Install Tool/GDL8XInstallTool.exe. The program worked flawlessly when I finally found it and brought it up. I found my ICAO code on the FAA site by looking up the registration for my tail number. The last link that would have been helpful was the FAA ADS-B performance site where you can request a performance check when the installation is complete. https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/PAPRRequest.aspx . They send you a report via email 30 minutes after you fly. The installation was straightforward once I had all the information I needed, and the unit works as advertised.

John C
May 8, 2018

Unit has not been installed at this time. Will follow up when done so.

Betty M
April 30, 2018

As far as avionics go, this was amazingly simple to install. Had to be a bit intuitive/logical as directions were a bit weak. Attached to laptop, uploaded data, went flying. Flew the rule airspace, pulled my FAA report. Wow. Cool. Along with the Foreflight and Scout, Im complete IN/OUT! So far, so good!

Steve A
April 5, 2018


Q: What is in the box for the Garmin GDL 82 Built In GPS Kit including WAAS? What additional items will I need to purchase to install?

The box comes with the GDL 82, GA 35 WAAS GPS and the installation kit. You will still need coax cables from the GDL 82 to the transponder antenna and the unit to the WAAS GPS antenna. You will also need wire to draw up the wire harness for the unit.

Q: Will the GDL 82 be able to display TIS-B and FIB-B onto an Aera 660 through a cable like the GDL 39 does?

No. The GDL 82 is only an ADS-B out unit. It does not perform ADS-B in functions.

Q: Does the Garmin GDL 82 Built In GPS Kit including WAAS include the WAAS GPS antenna?

Yes, this kit comes with the Garmin GA 35 WAAS antenna.

Q: Is the Garmin GDL 82 compatible with KT76A?

Yes, it is. Though you will want to get a transponder test to make sure your unit is operating properly.

Q: Does the GDL-82 unit need to be turned on AFTER the transponder is turned on? Can I turn on this unit BEFORE turning on the transponder?

The GDL 82 powers on with the aircraft.

Q: I have a non waas Garmin 430 and a Garmin 327 Transponder---will I be able to utilize these units with the GDL-82?

Yes. The gdl-82 will interface with the 327 antenna output to make the signal compliant.

Q: Looking at pics, I will need a female-female BNC cable from GDL-82 to transponder antennae. I know its BNC for the GPS antennae at the GDL-82 end. Is the GPS antennae have an MCX or BNC connector on it?

You will need a BNC male to BNC male cable. BNC connectors are based on the inner pin, not the housing. The GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna has a TNC female antenna connector on it.

Q: Will this Garmin GDL 82 work with an older Mode C such as a Collins TDR 850 or an analog King?

Yes. Per Garmin, this unit will work with any mode C transponder that is in good working condition. A transponder test is recommended to ensure that the unit is operating properly.

Q: Is the Garmin GDL 82 compatible with a Becker transponder?

Yes, it is.

Q: I have a G3X and G5 and both have WAAS GPS antennas, with a GTX327 transponder. Do i need to install yet another GPS antenna or can it use the CANBUS from the G3X or G5 to get a position source to the Garmin GDL 82?

You will need a GPS 20A with a connector kit and a GA 35 antenna. This unit can give GPS info to the G5 without having to buy a second antenna for the G5.

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