PS Engineering 2-Place Expansion Unit for Aerocom III

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Part# 11-01108
MFR Model# 2717A


The Aerocom III is a 2-place stereo portable intercom with IntelliVox™, a completely automatic VOX squelch. Each microphone computes the difference between speech and cabin noise. It opens instantly when somebody talks and only the microphone spoken into is active.This prevents un- wanted background noise from entering the audio system. Powered by a 9V battery (10 hrs. of use) or aircraft power. Features low battery alert. By using external push-to-talk buttons (not included), both the pilot and copilot positions have the ability to transmit over the aircraft radio. The Aero- com III will route stereo music to the headsets through the optional music cable.The music automatically mutes when there is intercom activity or radio traffic.There are two modes controlled by a top-mounted switch. In "ALL" mode, both positions hear radio communications, music, and have inter- com capability. In the ISO mode, only the pilot side is connected to the aircraft radios, with- out intercom or music distractions.The copilot position continues to have music, and inter- com communications with an expansion unit if installed. The aerocom III is expandable to 4-places with the Aerocom EX expansion unit available by special order. This contains separate music input and dedicated IntelliVox™ processors.


  • Battery Life: Approx. 10 hrs.
  • ±3dB music frequency range: 180 Hz to 15,000 Hz
  • ±3dB mic frequency range: 350 Hz to 4500 (to reduce noise)
  • Size: 4.375"L x 3.250" W x 1.500" H
  • Headphone output: 40mW/channel into 150(omega), < 1% THD
  • Power: 9-volt battery or 12/24V aircraft power
  • Weight: 10 Oz.
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It works very well.

February 9, 2020


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Q: Will the PS Eng Aero III be compatible with the Icom A6 handheld radio?

Per the manufacture as long as you have the Icom headset adapter this will work. They have not had any feedback from customers that it would not work.

Q: Is the PS Engineering Aerocom III TSO approved?

This is a portable intercom and does not hold TSO certification.

Q: Will the PS Eng Aero III work with Telex Airman 850 headsets? (The 750 is listed on PS Eng website)

Per the Manufacturer part # 11-00427 is compatible with the Telex 850 headset.

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