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Part# 11-21005
MFR Model# SA-005


These antennas have been designed by Bob Archer from Torrance, CA utilizing concepts common to military aircraft and space vehicles. The antenna performance is superior to most in use today in private aircraft. The only requirement for max. Performance is that the antennas must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions. These antennas are designed to be installed inside fiberglass or other non-conductive wing tips or tail caps of metal or other conductive material aircraft.

Model 5:
This transponder/DME antenna is an etched copper clad epoxy circuit board dipole designed to be installed inside nonconductive air- craft without need for additional installation of a ground plane. The dimensions are 6" x 7" and it can be installed in the aft fuselage or the wings with the 6" dimension vertical.VSWR is less than 1.2:1 over bands of 1032 to 1090 Mhz.
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Installed inside my Glasair far back in the tail. Allows maximum possible disrance from com antennas. Works perfectly with my Appareo 1090ES ADS-B out transponder. Will work with older mode C units but be advised it will NOT work with 978 or UAT ADS-B transponders. No ground plane needed!

John J
June 16, 2017


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Q: As transponder antennas need to be installed in a vertical direction, will this antenna also need to be installed vertically? If so, what is the vertical and horizontal dimensions required for installation?

The model 5 antenna must be installed with the 6" side mounted vertically and the 7" side mounted horizontally.

Q: ADS-B uses the traditional transponder antenna (AV-22). Will this antenna be a suitable alternative to that antenna for ADS-B applications (978MHz)?

TED has released an ADS-B antenna. Please see part number 11-13561.

Q: Can this antenna be located near a comm antenna, and if so, how close?

At least 3 feet spacing is recommended.

Q: Will this Archer sport model 5 work for a 978MHz UAT?

No, this will not work with 978MHz/UAT.