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Increase Safety, Save Money & Streamline Your Panel!

The FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator is an all-in-one multifunction display that places critical warning and condition annunciations directly in front of the pilot to increase safety and simplify panel layouts. The sunlight-readable & dimmable LED display includes Landing Gear Status for both land and seaplanes as well as warnings for Engine, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Low Fuel, Pitot Heat, Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Alternator Failure, Doors, Starter Engaged, Vacuum Failure and Autopilot Glideslope Capture. The FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator can save you over $1,000 compared to individual or customized annunciators and the LED technology is significantly brighter and more reliable than incandescent lamps.

The unit does not include sensors for the annunciations. The FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator is configurable out-of-the-box for both retractable and fixed-gear aircraft and can operate on 14V or 28V aircraft systems with no modifications. It is certified for installation in Part 23 aircraft as a minor alteration when used for supplemental purposes. Kit includes flush panel mounting bracket options for top/bottom supports as well as left/right supports.


  • Size: 3.0w x 1.3125h
  • Operates on 14V/28V
  • LED display
  • Can be wired for either switched ground wires or switched power wires (pull-up or pull-down operations)
  • Certified for installation in Part 23 aircraft as a minor alteration when used for supplemental purposes
  • Supports 14V/28V
  • Sensors not included


  • Configurable for both retractable and fixed gear aircraft
  • Dimmable
  • Test Mode
  • 3 Green indicators for Nose Gear, Left & Right Main Gear (may be tied together for single-lamp systems)
  • Gear Status Alerts: Gear Up, Gear Transit, Gear Warning, Seaplane Water Landing Configuration
  • Engine Alerts: General Engine, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Low Fuel
  • Electrical System Alerts: Alternator Out, Low Voltage, Over Voltage
  • Starter Engaged
  • Pilot Heat
  • Vacuum Failure
  • Autopilot Glideslope Capture (Century autopilots and others with external glideslope capture lamp capability)



I installed this in my Cardinal RG. It works well. Excellent for the price. I like having the GEAR TRANSIT and THREE GREEN gear down lights at eye level. Also the ALT OUT is a good safety feature. Engine exceedances that display on my Garmin G3X engine instruments trigger an ENGINE master warning light, alerting one to look for the problem. We had some installation issues - 2 units were defective on arrival, and one of the lights failed to display in dim (night) mode, so I rate it 4 stars.

Chris M
December 7, 2020


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Q: Are the sensors included with this Flexalert multifunction annunciator?

Correct. No sensors are included with this unit. It is designed to tie into existing warning and condition lights for items such as landing gear, engine warnings, vacuum warnings, etc.

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