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**Note: Unit is not TSO'd**

The ATC-2P (2 passenger) and ATC-4P (4 passenger) and ATC-6P (6 passenger) panel-mounted intercoms are so compact that they fit most anywhere in the aircrafts panel. Designed to mount either horizontally/vertically, these panel-mounted intercoms will fit in any homebuilt, business air- craft, or general aviation aircraft in production, and offer stereo or mono sound. The panel-mounted intercom has an exclusive SOFTCOMM feature of back-up battery (9 volt) that affords power to the INTERCOM when the aircrafts master power is shut off or fails in flight.

The battery is automatically switched off when aircraft power is present and on when absent. The panel-mounted intercom offers SoftComms features of RECORDER-IN and RECORDER-OUT. A mini remote audio panel houses this feature and can be located anywhere the pilot prefers. This allows recording of clearanc- es, flight lessons, enroute weather and flight events. The ATC-2P, ATC-4P, and ATC-6P panel-mounted intercoms come complete with mounting instructions, wiring diagrams, all required microphone & headphone jacks, audio recorder jacks, and bi-directional mount- ed nomenclature plates.

These intercoms are supplied w/ a pre-tested 8 ft. cable assem- bly terminated into a DB25 pin connector. Size: 1" x 2.5"W x 6" D. Power 12VDC. Wt. 6.25 oz. 3 year warranty.


  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Mixing Of Headsets From Different Manufacturers Is Permitted
  • Can Use Amplified Dynamic Microphones
  • Exclusive Battery Backup Feature
  • RECORDER-IN / RECORDER-OUT On A Miniature Audio Panel
  • Pilot Isolate Feature That Permits The Pilot To Electrically Switch His Headset From Other Passengers
  • Fully Tested Pre-Assembled Wiring Harness At No Charge
  • All Hardware and Audio Jacks Supplied at No Charge
  • Installation Time Is Approx. 2.5 Hours (2 Place ATC-2P)


March 13, 2016

instillation took about 8 hrs, lots of soldering connections. for a four place unit, rear passengers required longer wire. however it works great. wire was not color coded but labeled. for the price it was worth it.

Bill M
January 14, 2017

Disappointing. My unit was missing some washers & nuts. I emailed SoftComm and their only response was that the units in their shop were all complete. My unit did not come with a color coded wiring harness. Fustercluckery ensued. The escutcheons provided can't figure out if they are advertising the brand or telling you what the jack / switch / knob is for. The wiring diagram is a disaster. The target audience doesn't seem to be an amature installer - but what do I know. Also, they have NO documentation online. The minimal pieces of paper you get in the box are it. Don't lose 'em. You get what you pay for. I'm not complaining about function, audio, etc. They've kept their price point low - and kudos for that. But it does come at a different cost.

Saro M
July 14, 2014