Val Avionics Nav Ins 429 With VOR/Loc/Gs/Mb

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Part# 11-05592
MFR Model# 800101-10


The INS 429 is a high quality, multi-function, fully integrated navigational instrument displaying VOR, LOC, Glide Scope, Marker Beacon, and GPS/NAV inputs. Not only does it sport its own internal receivers, it will also display course deviation information from an external NAV or GPS source. A perfect solution for a crowded panel.
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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Physical Dimensions: 3.40"W x 3.45"H x 9.20"D
  • Weight: 3.2lbs
  • Mountnig: Panel-mounted. No shock mounting required.
  • Power Requirements: 11-32 VDC, 1.5A max
  • VHF Frequency (VOR/LOC) 108.00 to 117.95 MHz
  • Channel Spacing (VOR/LOC) 50kHz
  • UHF Frequency (Glidelope) 329.15 to 335.0 MHz


I wanted the ability to ride the ILS down for cloud breaks without going to the expense of a full IFR set up. This unit works great, been using it for 2 years and its never let me down. Value for money

June 1, 2016

Nicely built all in one unit. I wanted a backup for my GTN-650 and find myself using this sometimes because it is so simple and works really well.

Wayne C
September 25, 2015

The Basic idea is great and if it would work, would be great. 1. I bought a unit which was claimed to be TSO´D for certified aircraft. AFter a while this description was removed. The unit is NOT certified and makes it basically useless for my IFR aircraft. 2. The recommended splitter which I bought was just wrong. You need a splitter which divides the Signal into G/S and VOR. 3.After I installed the correct splitter and after this recommendation was corrected also, the device is at least working a little bit. But still the Glide Slope is way away of being reliable. 4.I installed a new antenna in a prefect place and new cables, but no any change. 5. I will also change the cables now to highest quality available to see if there is any improvement. 6. The Support is HORRIBLE. The manufacturer does not answer for weeks. They made a hope for an update but since the communication is so bad I hardly trust I will get my unit ever back. 7. The only star left is the last Piece of hope, the device will work.

April 13, 2017


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Q: What allows the NAV INS 429 receiver to output audio for VOR ident or audio from marker beacons?

The NAV INS 429 has 2 audio outputs. One is for Nav audio and the other is for marker beacon audio. If you only have one input for this type of audio the marker beacon input can be tied to the Nav audio.

Q: Is the Nav INS 429 certified for IFR use in a certified IFR airplane?

The Val INS 429 is built to TSO standards but is not TSO certified. It is up to your local FAA office if this instrument will be approved for use in your aircraft.

Q: In your marketing info for this product, you mention it will also display course deviation information from an external NAV or GPS source. Does this include being able to interface and work with a Garmin 430W?

Per the manufacturer, the Val Avionics Nav INS 429 is compatible to work with the Garmin 430W.

Q: Is a wiring harness available for The Val Avionics Nav INS 429 with Vor/LOC/GS/MB?

Currently there is no wiring harness available for the Val Avionics Nav INS 429 with Vor/LOC/GS/MB.

Q: What additional items would need to be purchased in order to use the full capabilities of this item as a stand alone Nav/Receiver? Antennas/wiring/hardware/harness/etc.....

The harness for the Val INS 429 (11-05592) may be special ordered or fabricated yourself. Contact sales for a quote. You will also need a VOR antenna such as the CI-157P (11-15700). A marker beacon antenna such as the CI-102 (11-17931). Coax cable such as the RG-400 (11-09202) and BNC connectors (11-01802). Mounting hardware is included with the INS 429.

Q: i just bought this VAL avionics VOR/GS and I have a Garmin 695 GPS, can it be connected to that GPS? And can it work alone as a VOR/LOC/GS?

Yes, the Val INS 429 (11-05592) can be used as a stand alone instrument. It also can be connected to the 695 GPS via the power/data cable part number 11-07056.

Q: Can the Val Avionics NAV INS 429 interface with a Cessna autopilot?

Yes, the INS 429 will interface with a Cessna autopilot.

Q: Can the VAL INS429 be interfaced with the GRT sport to display nav information on the EFIS?

Per Val: Yes the INS 429 is able to display Nav information on the GRT Sport.

Q: Can the VAL INS429 be interfaced with Dynon Skyview to display Nav information on the EFIS?

Yes, the INS429 uses the same format as the SL30. Select the SL30 as the input on your Skyview screen.

Q: Can I use two VAL 429 with one VOR and one marker - antenna? What couplers would that require?

Yes, see part 11-06826 for an antenna coupler.

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