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Pilots Guide To Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula

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We're proud to present the NEW 2008 version of our popular Pilot's Guide. The guide continues in a hard cover, 7-ring format. Updated with current procedures for ALL of Mexico and airport information for the Southeast of Mexico, it is a "must have" for any trip to Mexico.

Obtaining verified and accurate information on procedures and airports in Mexico can be a challenge. Therefore, with the support of Mexico's Civil Aviation Department, we developed this Pilot's Guide to provide our customers with an additional source of information to supplement official navigation sources. The data in the guide was obtained from years of meetings with the Civil Aviation Department, Mexico's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), meetings with local aviation and government officals and from our 15 years of experience in Mexico and visits to each airport in the guide. The 2008 Pilot's Guide compiles applicable and current information on U.S. and Mexican regulations and guidelines that apply to U.S. aircraft on private, international flights from the USA to Mexico.

Being based in Mexico and conducting trips throughout the country, allows us the unique opportunity to continuously visit airports to keep information updated. We do not accept any pictures nor unverified information from third parties for the development of our guides. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED FOR NAVIGATION, IT IS FOR GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY.


Procedures on how to fly to Mexico, within Mexico and back to the U.S.A.
  • Documents required for pilot and passengers
  • Crossing the U.S. ADIZ
  • NEW: Review of VFR vs. IFR and Over Land vs. Over Water
  • Entry and exit process for Mexico
  • Getting fuel & weather information in Mexico
  • Filing and closing flight plans in Mexico
  • Updated and expanded emergency telephone numbers
  • NEW: Mexico international NOTAM for arrivals from Caribbean and Central America
How to fill out Mexican aviation documents and other important info.
  • NEW: Simplified instructions for completing ICAO flight plan format
  • NEW: Direct-dial telephone numbers for U.S. and Mexican Flight Service Stations Mexican and U.S. Airports Of Entry
  • Mexican aviation documents
  • Telephone numbers for U.S. Customs airport offices
  • NEW: Chart guide reviewing coverage territory of VFR and IFR charts for Mexico
Verified airport information for General Aviation airports in east and southeast Mexico
  • NEW: Mexico border crossing chart
  • NEW: Standardized airport format
  • Coordinates & runway information
  • Communication frequencies & Navaids
  • Color aerial pictures
  • Fuel availability and payment methods
  • Observations from visits to each airport
Unpublished frequencies for air to ground weather.
  • Coverage territory chart with frequencies for reaching Mexican weather briefers while in-flight


Good book with a lot of information. The biggest thing wrong is that it was published about eight years ago and many things have changed or disappeared. Looks good on my shelf but not very useful. Jim

Jim P
February 4, 2021


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