The Practical Aviator Commercial Pilot

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The first section of the APO Commercial Edition, Pilot Resources, provides you with checklists to make sure you have all of the necessary requirements before you show up for your oral exam, including your personal requirements, your items to bring, and an aircraft quick facts sheet, which is a reference that you can fill out and use throughout your training for each make and model of airplane you fly.

Section I relates to the first part of your oral exam. At that time, you will be asked to show the necessary certificates and documents required for flight, and show that the airplane is airworthy. Each part of this section has a detailed checklist, with a brief description of what is required.

Section II is where you will compile all of the information you need to prepare for your cross-country checkride. You will be able to use this section to record the training lessons so that you will have examples to reference when preparing for your oral exam.

Section III deals with aircraft systems and aeromedical information. This information will be compiled from the Pilotís Operating Handbook and the Pilotís Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and placed here for easy reference.

The APO is a great resource to have during your oral exam because it will provide a quick reference to the information specific to your check ride, including maintenance summary sheet, weather information for that dayís flight, and your planned cross-country. It is important to note, however, that certain sections cannot be referenced during your oral exam. Your instructor will be able to guide you with regards to what information youíll be expected to know.



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