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Part# 01-00318
MFR Model# 3405669


300 Mini Pumps are designed for convenient and accurate metering of group sizes A, B and C WEST SYSTEM resins and hardeners. The set contains one resin pump and two hardener pumps. Pumps mount directly onto the resin and hardener containers and eliminate the mess involved with measuring by weight or volume.

300 Mini Pumps are calibrated to deliver the proper working ratio with one full pump stroke of resin for each one full pump stroke of hardener. 105/205 and 105/206 pumps deliver approximately 0.8 fluid ounces of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump. 105/207 and 105/209 pumps deliver approximately 0.9 fluid ounces of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump. Made of durable polypropylene, the pumps give years of dependable service.

As packaged, the pumps are ready to install on Group Size B containers. A package of extension tubes for Group Size A containers is included with the set. Group Size C extension tubes are included in the 105-C Resin and in the 207-SC or 209-SC packages.


  • 300 Mini Pump Kit for group size A, B or C


I received exactly what I ordered, everything worked perfectly, shipping price is on the high side, however it got to me in three days, makes it worth every penny.

Lynn E Verified Purchase


July 4, 2021

Brian S Verified Purchase


May 26, 2021

If you get the West products, you have to get these. Mixing is perfect, no mess, no worry.

Thaddeus B
September 10, 2020

Work as advertised. I purchased the small kit and the slip in adapter tips made for a perfect fit. The pumps work as advertised. Not over priced (fair). Very happy with the purchase.

Dan H
June 11, 2020

Its the West System of products, they are quite expensive, but for a very good reason. V/r Mick Cowell

Michael A
May 10, 2020

Works as advertised. Best and easiest way to make sure you have the correct ratios for West System resin. Just get them.

Stephan C
April 23, 2020

I consider the pump essential for using West Systems epoxy.

April 20, 2020

These pumps fit the Jeffco 1 Gallon kits, P/N 01-07924. However you must weigh the resin and hardener, as the ratios are not the same as they are for the West System epoxy.

Dj M
April 13, 2019

Excellent product, easy to use and no mess.

February 15, 2018

They work great but it would be nice to be able to buy them individually. I have built up a nice supply of the fast hardener pumps over the years.

Andy S
January 24, 2021


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Q: Which pump goes with the Resin and which goes with the Hardener? Why three (3) pumps? Shouldn't there only be two (2) pumps then if one is for the Resin and one for the Hardener for proper ratio mixing?

This kit comes with instructions, but in short, this kit is designed to be used with 105 resin, and several hardeners. The pumps are identified so the correct pump is used with the hardener.

Q: Does the shortest pump fit the 7oz hardener cans?

The pumps are designed for specific numbers of the sytem and are not interchangeable due to the size of the lids and ratios. The shortest of the pumps fits the 207 and 209 hardeners. The middle size fits the 205 and 206 hardeners. And the longest pump fits the 105 resin.

Q: What if someone took a crazy notion to use these for EZ Poxy and they wanted to use them directly on the container, like a 5 gall pail and a half gallon can. Would these be a direct fit?

This will not work if you are going by ratio but for dispensing ONLY, one of the pumps will fit on the EZ Poxy gallon container only.

Q: Can you leave the pumps on the containers for a long time or do they need to be removed and cleaned after use? How often should the pumps be primed?

They can be left on during storage. If they have been stored for a long time, you would need to clean and prime them. The instructions don't have exact times due to differing storage conditions.

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