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Carbon Graphite Yarn Tow

From $149.95 to $298.95
Actual Size PN Approx. Yield Roll Size Price Buy
12K Tow
621 Yd./Lb.2 Lb.$149.95
12K Tow
621 Yd./Lb.4 Lb.$298.95
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High strength (470,000 PSI) carbon fibers are used as reinforcement in high performance structural composites for aircraft applications, recreational and industrial products. Carbon fiber filaments are finer than a human hair. These filaments are bundled together to make a fiber of 3,000, 6,000 or 12,000 filaments which is called a “tow”. The tow is sized with an epoxy compatible material to improve the handling characteristics. It is then wound on a cardboard core holding from 4 to 6 pounds of fiber. 1 Lb. spool. It appears that the 6K tow will prove most practical for homebuilding applications. This size will be available in the small units shown. The 3K and 12K sizes are offered in full spools only. The 3K tow is used primarily by weavers. The 12K is difficult to wet out but can be done by diligent brushing.

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its what I ordered

Byron S
November 1, 2019

I've been using this for marine applications for over 10 years now. For small parts this is the tool of choice for clinching the layer together. Then wrap it with non-skid tape of choice. It's very strong and forgiving. Pros: - Cost effective - Light weight - Impact resistance is very high Cons: - Lots more labor than cloth. - Need a layer of peel ply tape or equivalent - won't stick to me tape to fair it out wet.

Dan F
January 12, 2015


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Q: Can you use the 3k and 6k tow on a braiding machine for wrapping a electrical harness for heat protection?

This material can be used in a filament winding, or weaving machine. It could be used in a braiding machine that accepts 3K and 6K material.

Q: What is the diameter of an individual fiber of part # 01-00343?

The tow is approx. .008".

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