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From $0.49 to $4.60
Gauge Conductor Description Part Number Price / Ft Price / 1000 Buy / Ft
16 2 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04473 $2.66 $1596.00
18 2 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04474 $2.30 $1380.00
18 3 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04475 $1.80 $1080.00
20 3 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-14585 $1.54 --
22 2 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-05650 $1.35 $810.00
22 3 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-05651 $1.55 $930.00
22 4 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-07773 $2.27 $1362.00
22 5 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-06580 $2.30 --
22 6 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-07774 $2.49 $1494.00
22 8 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-09782 $2.90 --
22 9 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-12535 $4.60 --
24 1 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04476 $0.49 $294.00
24 2 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04477 $1.21 $726.00
24 3 White Mil Shielded Tefzel Wire 11-04478 $1.55 $930.00
Subtotal $0.00
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This hook-up wire is standard in the aviation industry for installation of electronics equipment. Sold in 1' increments and spooled as a continuous length.

Quantity Discount Available:
QTY 1000 save 40%

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i appreciate not getting gouged for shipping (like other suppliers)

Larry S
October 27, 2019

Easy to work with. Excellent quality! If its good enough for aviation its better enough for music. I wont use anything else to wire my guitars!!

Joseph J
September 24, 2019

Received 3 packages of wire as ordered all in good condition and on time. Thank You

September 20, 2019

Great Product

Armen V
August 16, 2019

No problem with this order. I have had problems with another product. Recently, I purchased some BNC connectors from you. The shanks of those connectors were too large for the crimp sleeves to fit over with the shielding. I bought some of the same make from another vendor, and they worked fine.

Steve S
March 28, 2019

Excellent wire. As mentioned earlier, the wire is surprisingly small diameter for its ampacity. The bulk discount makes this a great value. Perfect packing and shipping.

February 23, 2019

Delivered on time and was correct in all aspects.

Richard C
May 8, 2018

Total diameter of wire is surprisingly small for the shielded 20 gauge, 3 conductor wire.

Matthew H
March 12, 2018

Quick, easy and good quality. Just what everyone wants in a parts provider.

February 16, 2018

Excellent wire at a good price with fast shipping (usually 2 days). If you are wiring commo equipment, shielded wire is a must to avoid EMI.

Volo A
February 8, 2018


Q: What are the wire colors used in tefzel cabling part number 11-04474?

The single conductor is white, the two conductor is white and white/blue and the three conductor is white, white/blue and white/orange.

Q: What is the outside diameter of the wire for the 24 AWG two and three conductor cable?

The OD of part number 11-04478 is approximately 3/32".

Q: What are the colors of the 5 conductor wire?

1) Red. 2) Blue. 3) Yellow. 4) Green. 5) White

Q: What is the OD of wire #11-04474?

The OD of 11-04474 (SHIELDED TEFZEL WIRE 18G 2 CONNECTOR) is approximately 1/8".

Q: are the multi conductor strands twisted pair?

The multi conductor strands are twisted as a whole. There are not twisted pairs within the wire itself, unless you order the 2 conductor.

Q: What is OD of 8 conductor in 22 and 24GA?

The OD of part number 11-09782 is 3/16", the 8 conductor only comes in 22GA

Q: What size solder sleeve do I need for the 6 conductor 22ga

The 6 conductor 22GA requires a .30" solder sleeve part number 11-07905.

Q: Is this the right cable for a Garmin G3X can bus installations?

Yes, we recommend using 11-05650 which is a two con shielded wire for the G3X can bus.

Q: What is used for the shielding on this multi-conductor cable and is there a drain wire?

The shielding is made out of a steel braid and there are no drain wires.

Q: What is the unit weight of the 2 CON 18AWG shielded tefzel wire?

The weight of the 2 Con 18 GA wire is .08 lbs per foot.

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