Kuntzleman LED Aircraft Lighting System

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LED Complete System: Controller + 2 Red/Green/White Position and LED Strobe Heads
LED Complete System: Controller + 2 Strobe Only Heads
(No Position LEDs)
LED Wing Tip Strobe and Navigation with Sonex Adapters
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This wing tip, 100% LED, strobe and navigation light system features a cluster of very bright LEDs and using a common controller that furnishes the heads with a junction point for synchronizing and selecting one of the 7 flash patterns of the LED STROBES. It also allows for a separate power source to the navigation red, green and white LEDs.

The system includes 2 heads (one left & one right), mounting adapter plates for mounting on a radius, 50 feet of 3 conductor wire, plugs, pins, 1 controller, misc. wire connectors and mounting hardware.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Made in USA
  • Navigation Colors: Aviation Red / Green forward and White aft
  • Strobe: Synchronized with seven (7) selectable flash patterns
  • Weight: 2 heads and controller / 12 ounces
  • Power draw: Strobe and Position lights are LESS than 2 Amps at 12 to 14 volts
  • Footprint Dimensions (Heads): 3.2" long x 1.1" wide
  • Footprint Dimensions (Controller): 2.2" x 5"


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This uncertified wing tip lighting system is ideal for my RV-4 experimental aircraft. I replaced a Whelen strobe/nav light system which used AeroFlash power supplies. I used the same 3 conductor wire required by the Whelen strobe lights for both strobe and nav lights. I had to fabricate aluminum adapter plates to mount the LED lights with the Whelen wingtip light compatible mounting screws. The lights work well out of the box. I didnt use the magnet to change the firing pattern.

John C Verified Purchase


August 18, 2022

I could not believe, in this day and age where Amazon prime deliveries take weeks, that I received my order in three days.

Anthony U
May 30, 2020

Outstanding unit especially for ELSA application. Easy install and works well. Great substitute from incandescent strobes and position lights.

James P
February 11, 2019

Strobe LEDs have failed 3 times, and repaired 3 times. This required personal shipping costs and aircraft downtime awaiting return. Now they’ve failed a 4th time. Not recommended. Awaiting a refund.

John M
March 17, 2022


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Q: Are these approved for certified aircraft?

No, they are not approved for certified aircraft.

Q: Is the dimensions units is cm or inch? Footprint Dimensions (Heads): 3.2 long x 1.1 wide / Footprint Dimensions (Controller): 2.2 x 5

These dimensions are listed in inches.

Q: You state that the current draw for the lights is less than 2 amps do you mean that: <br> Both lights together are less than 2 amps, or each light is less than 2 amps? Does the amp figure consider when both the strobe and nav light is flashing?

Yes, the 2 amp rating is for the entire system. This takes into account both the strobe and nav lights.

Q: What is the lens made out of on the Kuntzleman LED aircraft lighting system? Is it glass or polycarbonate?

This lens is polycarbonate.

Q: What is the acceptable input voltage range for this system?

This unit requires 12/14 volt aircraft power to the power supply.

Q: Are these approved for night flight in an experimental aircraft?

Per Kuntzleman, yes they are.

Q: I currently have radio interference on my plane when my Magnum Kuntzelman Xenon strobes fire. Are these LED style units less likely to cause radio interference?

Per the vendor the LED version would have no radio interference.

Q: What is the luminous flux / intensity of the strobe lights?

Per the vendor, "Per FAR 23.1401 it exceeds the brightness requirement by over 100%"

Q: What gage is the wire in the 3 conductor wire supplied with the strobes?

22 GA

Q: Is there a installation manual for these lights?

Yes, we have added the installation manual to this web page for download and review.

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