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LED Complete System: Controller + 2 Red/Green/White Position and LED Strobe Heads 11-10687 $389.95
LED Complete System: Controller + 2 Strobe Only Heads
(No Position LEDs)
11-12342 $319.00
LED Wing Tip Strobe and Navigation with Sonex Adapters 11-10688 $389.95
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This wing tip, 100% LED, strobe and navigation light system features a cluster of very bright LEDs and using a common controller that furnishes the heads with a junction point for synchronizing and selecting one of the 7 flash patterns of the LED STROBES. It also allows for a separate power source to the navigation red, green and white LEDs.

The system includes 2 heads (one left & one right), mounting adapter plates for mounting on a radius, 50 feet of 3 conductor wire, plugs, pins, 1 controller, misc. wire connectors and mounting hardware.


  • Made in USA
  • Navigation Colors: Aviation Red / Green forward and White aft
  • Strobe: Synchronized with seven (7) selectable flash patterns
  • Weight: 2 heads and controller / 12 ounces
  • Power draw: Strobe and Position lights are LESS than 2 Amps at 12 to 14 volts
  • Footprint Dimensions (Heads): 3.2" long x 1.1" wide
  • Footprint Dimensions (Controller): 2.2" x 5"
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Outstanding unit especially for ELSA application. Easy install and works well. Great substitute from incandescent strobes and position lights.

James P
February 11, 2019


Q: Are these approved for certified aircraft?

No, they are not approved for certified aircraft.

Q: Is the dimensions units is cm or inch? Footprint Dimensions (Heads): 3.2 long x 1.1 wide / Footprint Dimensions (Controller): 2.2 x 5

These dimensions are listed in inches.

Q: You state that the current draw for the lights is less than 2 amps do you mean that: <br> Both lights together are less than 2 amps, or each light is less than 2 amps? Does the amp figure consider when both the strobe and nav light is flashing?

Yes, the 2 amp rating is for the entire system. This takes into account both the strobe and nav lights.

Q: What is the lens made out of on the Kuntzleman LED aircraft lighting system? Is it glass or polycarbonate?

This lens is polycarbonate.

Q: What is the acceptable input voltage range for this system?

This unit requires 12/14 volt aircraft power to the power supply.

Q: Are these approved for night flight in an experimental aircraft?

Per Kuntzleman, yes they are.

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