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Part# 11-03168
MFR Model# 9400-0013


Advanced regulator/rectifier circuit provides steady 13.8 volt output regardless of load. Maximum output 220 watts, 16 amps. Accepts AC input from 15 to 100 volts. Can be used with AC strobe.


  • Extremely clean filtered DC output
  • Electronics designed to deliver 16 amps producing 220 watts
  • Efficiency: No "consumer" or "dummy" load required for proper operation
  • A beautiful and rugged lightweight package weighs just 16 ounces and is 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch
  • Protection from the environment: complete epoxy encapsulation to insure all-season operation
  • Ease of installation: crimp type ring terminals and wiring schematics provided with every unit



Just what I ordered and worked as advertised!

Lloyd H
June 22, 2020

Just replaced this after my old one (decades) had quit working, then one day decided to overcharge the capacitor and explode mid taxi. Luckily I was close to home and could remove it from the system and fly the short hop home. I put a new one in with heat sink paste and all is well. We shall see how long it lasts.

Scott F
May 18, 2019

My old regulator/rectifier literally Blew up. In flight So I ordered this one from AircraftSpruce for replacement Very fast service, installed, checked Voltage ,as is Perfect Back flying again

February 8, 2019

5 stars is probably not high enough. Great product only to be surpassed by AirCraft Spruce service.

Pat W
August 17, 2017

Order came very quickly, my plane is back in the air with the new regulator that is working very well.

July 29, 2017

Easy install. Works perfectly on my Rotax 503.

Pete R
July 6, 2017

Very fast service & easy to order online

Rollie S
May 4, 2017

Pure DC! Using cigar lighter adapters, this powers the internal batteries of my ULs radio, GPS, EIS and strobes. No need for a heavy battery in my electrical system!

March 18, 2017

Nice quality and works terrific for the Rotax 447 on my trike. I called the company tech support on an installation question and was told they would call right back. They called right away and answered all the questions I threw at them! This would be a wise purchase for your electrical system.

Brian U
October 7, 2013

My Key West voltage regulator has been in service for 18 years on my Rotax 447 Ultralight, well, that is until today. Sitting on the ramp at a fly-in dinner I was warming up the engine when there was a loud bang followed by a fair amount of smoke and some bit of debris in the cockpit. After shutting down the engine it was apparent that a capacitor in the regulator had exploded, blowing off the rear side of the regulator. This seems to be a rather common failure. Im just wonder if the sun, beating through the windscreen and directly upon the regulator factored in to its failure? Ill be ordering a replacement soon.

Ron F
August 10, 2019


Q: Can these regulators be used on the Jabiru engine? The Jabiru has a permanent magnet rotor.

Per the supplier: No, it will not work on the Jabiru's.

Q: Will this work on the Rotax 503?I think it can put out 150 volts AC and I see this one says up to a 100 volts.

Per Vendor: Yes, the Rotax 503 would be the most typical application for this product. This will be hooked up to the lighting coil/alternator.

Q: I have a Rotax 503 installed on my flightstar I am running the consumers with a battery but no electric starter. Will this regulator overcharge a 12V nine amp battery?

No, this would not over charge your battery, as long as your battery is not over 14 Volts.

Q: Would this KEY WEST PS030 REGULATOR / RECTIFIER be suitable for a Rotax 582 with an electric starter motor?

Yes, the Keywest regulator is a very popular regulator for Rotax 2 stroke engines.

Q: Rotax 447: Can this regulator be used with a 12v, 10-14amp sealed battery without causing an overcharging condition?

Per Rotax Tech: Yes, this regulator will work fine.

Q: How many input watts can this handle? Im thinking of hooking up both my tachometer coil and lightning coils to it for 130-160watts

Max input is 220 watts.

Q: Will this work in a Rotax 532 points ignition?

Per Vendor: if the 532 has the same "lighting coil" as the 582 then yes the 11-03168 will work. On the circa 1990-2000 Rotax 503 and 582 engines these were the yellow and yellow / black wires coming out if the flywheel case.

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