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Part# 10-00256


Easy Push Button Calibration - Simple push buttons make calibration easy and accurate.

Intended for Experimental Aircraft - This is not a certified unit

No sensitive screw adjustments to make. Place the probe in tank,
connect power and press EMPTY. Fill tank and press FULL. Calibration is

Steady Readings - Digital filtering minimizes the effects of fuel slosh
providing greater accuracy.

Proven Design - Specifically designed for aircraft that are subject to harsh
environments, such as vibration, temperature, and electrical noise. Probes
designed for industrial applications can fail under these conditions. Proven
reliability with over 10 years of history.

SAE 5 Hole Bolt Pattern - Industry standard flange mount compatible.

Unique Press fit installation option - Simply drill a 1/2" hole and use a
rubber bushing to seal and hold the probe in place.

No Moving Parts - Nothing to wear out.

Output - 0 to 5 Volts

Compatible Fuel Quantity Gauges - UMA P/N: 18-260-1C1 (P/N 10-02410)
Westach P/N: 20A4V (P/N 10-01255) & 2A7V (P/N 10-01246) and other 0-5V gauges.

Standard Model - Round puck with SAE 5 Bolt Pattern and Press-fit Nipple.
Available with 2 or 5 set points. 5 set points are used for odd shaped
tanks. Probes can be shortened to 3 inches of measurable length. Optional 3
or 5 inch bendable section starting at the probe. The bend section does not
measure fuel. Standard overall lengths 12, 18 and 24 inches, bend section
reduces measureable portion. Custom lengths from 25 to 48 inches with a 2
week lead time. Includes a SAE 5 hole rubber gasket or Press-fit rubber
bushing, specify when ordering.

Optional Standard SAE 5-Hole Bolt Pattern Mounting Kit - Contains a backing
plate with taped holes, gasket, AN3H-12A bolts, and washers.

Advance NPT Model - 1/8" Male NPT Fitting, separate 5 set point electronics
using FAKRA SMB connectors. Standard lengths of 24 and 48 inches without any
bend section. Ordering bend section requires special consideration for
mounting. The NPT fitting is not removable. Usually a second compression
fitting is used. Custom lengths 6 to 92 inches with a 2 week lead time.

Ordering Standard Model: (LL-BB-SS-MM)
LL - Length (12, 18, 24 inches or 25 to 48 inches custom)
BB - Bendable Section (NB= non-bendable, 3B= 3 inch, 5B= 5 inch)
SS - Set points (1S= Empty, 2S= Empty/Full or 5S= Empty,1/4,1/2,3/4,Full)
MM - Mounting method (PF= Press Fit Bushing, FM= Flange Mount Gasket)
Example: A 12", non-bendable, 2 set point probe using a press fit mounting
part number would be 12-NB-2S-PF

Ordering Advanced NPT Model: (LL-BB-SS-NPT)
LL - Length (6 to 92 inches) note: only 24 and 48 inch lengths without any
bend section are stocked.
BB - Bendable Section (NB= non-bendable, 3B= 3 inch, 5B= 5 inch)
SS - Set points (1S = Empty, 2S= Empty/Full, 5S= Empty,1/4,1/2,3/4,Full)
NPT = Mounting method 1/8" National Pipe Thread, this is the only option.

Note: 1S is for computer based displays.




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