Belite Radiant MFI (ASI / VSI / Altitude)

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Part# 10-07141


This instrument shows simultaneous ASI, Altitude and VSI information in a single glance, easy to read format. All of this information is presented digitally and graphically on a single vivid LCD screen.

The MFI is part of the RADIANT instrument line that combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. They have sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens which are also friendly with sunglasses.


  • One unit can be configured as 100, 160 or 200 in either knots or MPH (Universal!)
  • You set the green, yellow (caution) and redline speeds for your aircraft!
  • Very smooth and quick airspeed display - highly responsive!
  • Much more expensive medical grade electronic airspeed sensor, stable over the long run, now standard!
  • VSI now depicted by a single dot, more intuitive, with a range of up to +/- 2000 FPM.
  • For international customers, Kollsman value may be configured as either inches (29.92, for example) or pascals (1013, for example).
  • Altimeter error is now user adjustable.
  • Airspeed zero error is now user adjustable.
  • Various minor aesthetic improvements.
  • Firmware upgradeable (via factory return), included at no charge for one year after purchase.
  • Daylight readable screen has extraordinary contrast and is dimmable, with included potentiometer.
  • Fantastic as a primary instrument in experimental aircraft.
  • Great backup for rear seat passengers in tandem aircraft.


  • All instruments are designed for a standard 2.25 cutout
  • Use approximately 100milliamps of power from a supply of 8 to 14 volts
  • All instruments are dimmable


Works well. Light and easy install

Neil C Verified Purchase


May 17, 2022

Great instrument for the ultralight class of aircraft. Good read out with plenty of display brightness. This combines two or three instruments into one unit for easy reading. Price is excellent compared with other instruments to accomplish the same. Recommend to any aircraft enthusiast.

Russell V
March 9, 2021

Gauge is compact. No wiring schematic, no help from Belite, no answer at the contact number, and they wont return my emails. Instrument may be great, but no customer support.

May 7, 2022


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