RC ALLEN ESP 28V ESP-1 W/702-0028-02

Part# 10-04646
MFR Model# ESP-1 W/702-0028-02


The ESP - Emergency Standby Power, is a battery-based emergency power unit designed to give you at least an hour of auxiliary power when you need it the most. Paired with the new RCA 2600 Digital Horizon, the ESP can provide up to 5 hours of backup power. The ESP can be easily mounted behind the instrument panel and can power your new R.C. Allen instrument, or retrofit your existing Attitude gyro in an emergency.

The ESP comes complete with a wire harness and panel-mounted status light. Maintenance is easy, it recharges itself during flight and does not drain the aircraft battery when aircraft power is off. The ESP utilizes a long lasting lithium polymer battery - the same kind found in most laptop computers.

Download the Specifications in PDF by click here.
Made in the USA


  • Easy to install
  • One hour of emergency power
  • Panel mounted status light
  • Retrofit existing instruments
  • Compact design
  • Meets DO-160 Standard


  • Voltage In: 14 or 28VDC
  • Voltage Out: 14 or 28VDC
  • Weight: 12.5 ounces
  • Operating Temperature range: -30 to +50 C
  • Location: Inside cabin bulkhead
  • Battery Type: 7.4VDC, 2300 mAh Li-PO Lithium Polymer
  • Performance Rated Capacity Mechanical Instrument: 60 Minutes; Electronic Instrument: 5+ Hours
  • Qualifications (Minimum Performance Standard)
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Q: Does P/N 10-04646 (RCA P/N 702-0028-02) include the battery pack and interface wiring harness?

Yes, the battery pack and harness are included with purchase.

Q: Can I run an RC Allen digital AI and electric DG off the same battery back up unit, or am I required to use a separate one for each instrument?

Unfortunately, per Kelly Mfg. You cannot use the same battery since the pinouts are different.

Q: The datasheet indicates that the battery should be replaced every 3 years. Is this replacing an internal battery or the whole unit every three years? Basically is it $725 every three years?

Per RC Allen you will only have to replace the internal battery on the ESP every three years, the cost of the internal battery is $150.00 and must be done by RC Allen.

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