Genesis iPad Mini 1-4 Case

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Part# 11-11334
MFR Model# SH-0230-GEN


The Sky High Gear Mini-G iPad Mini kneeboard & case has been made to fit the iPad Mini and all port locations. The soft hinge design allows the front cover to fold behind flat to minimize yolk interference and allows access to the headphone port when closed. Camera holes for the forward and rear facing cameras allow access for Facetime TM, photos or video. Lastly, the microphone location is accounted for and is left open for clear recording of sound during video use.

A major enhancement is the removable leg strap. The new leg strap is adjustable and uses a clip instead of vecro to secure the strap. Simply feed the small clip end through the loops behind the iPad to use during flight. For flight safety, we strongly recommend that the strap is properly fed through the loops to prevent the iPad from slipping lose during turbulent or normal flight operations. When not flying, the strap easily removes and use the reverse elastic to secure the cover when closed.

The Mini-G is made of ultra-durable ballistic nylon material on the exterior, and lined with brushed suede microfiber to pamper the iPad surfaces. Loops on the hinge are for small pens or pencils when the case is open during flight. This is an ideal case for both in and out of the cockpit!

When not flying, the case converts into an iPad stand with unlimited angle adjustments for viewing. Access to the sync port is available without removing or opening the case.


  • Fold-over cover to fully protect your iPad Mini screen
  • Easily adjusted to any angle
  • Wide, adjustable leg strap for comfort in Kneeboard mode
  • Elastic strap for easily holding your iPad2 in your palm
  • Pen and Stylus loops for easy access
  • Compatible with the Genesis add-on clipboard
  • Strap to headrest for video viewing
  • Made with high-quality Ballistic Nylon for excellent durability
  • Lined with ‘Brushed-Suede’ Microfiber to pamper the iPad Mini aluminum and glass surfaces.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 8.38” x 5.5” x 0.75”


Decently made, fits my iPad mini gen 4 fine, works well in the airplane or on a countertop. There is an issue using it with the mini gen 4 in that the top edge covers the ambient light sensor unique to the gen 4, resulting in a dim backlight with my default settings. The workaround for this would be (1) disable the dimming, or (2) punch 2 small holes in the top cover where the sensor sees ambient light. Exactly where those holes should be (there are 2 locations for this) is not obvious or well documented. Once identified, this should not be a difficult mod.

Steve C
September 1, 2017


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Q: Does the Mini G automatically shut the IPad Mini 4 into sleep mode?

Yes, if your iPad Mini 4 is configured to go into sleep mode when cover is closed.