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Part# 13-00738
MFR Model# 300-111


Features forward/backward slide motion for real simulation flying. Also works well as gas and brake controls for racing simulators. These 3 axes pedals are ideal with the 5 axes USB Flight Sim yoke.


Very professional pedals. Feel like real rudder pedal. Was detected immediately as plug and play in windows 10. Flight simulator 2020 was showing the pedals but they were not part of the compatibility list. So i had to manually assign the flight command to the pedals via the flight simulator control assignement panel. It took me minutes to understand how to do it. It would be better if the ch product yoke (same thing than the pedals) and the ch pro pedals would be in the compatibility list and their command assigned immediately. Because it could be hard for somebody else to understand how to assign to the flight control. I had to look at what was assigned (automatically) to the xbox controller and replicate the assignement to the yoke and pedals. Very good hardware but please discuss with Microsoft for automatic assignement.

August 24, 2020

Item received in VERY GOOD condition. So far, my very first Rudder Pedals to go with any flight SIM. Material-wise, its actually quite rigid. Have been using it for the past few weeks after getting it and its actually quite decent. The rubber soles below the platform are sticky enough to even grip my marble floor firmly. So... it moving around while using the Rudder Pedals is quite unlikely.

Ahmad F
August 3, 2020

I love these pedals! They worked with my simulators the second I plugged it in. The software also makes it easy to calibrate.

July 16, 2018

These pedals seem to work very well. I would prefer to see physical stops to adjust the range of the toe brakes, but much of that can be done in software. Ive only had the pedals for one week but they seem very sturdy. They have sticky pads on the bottom, but youll need a piece of carpet or a backstop if you have a wooden floor. They feel great and work very smoothly.

Joe M
August 17, 2020


Q: Are the Pro Rudder Pedals USB (CH products) comaptible with MAC computers?

Yes. They are compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OSX.

Q: Are these Pro Rudder Pedals USB (CH products) comaptible with Windows 10?

Yes, these are Windows 10 compatible.

Q: Are these self-centering?

Yes, these will self center.

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