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Part# 13-21166
MFR Model# NP24V


This little tugger has a tugging capacity 4,000 pounds. FREE wheels acrossed hangar floor. Record setting price and best in its class! It's a LOT of tugger for the money.
  • Variable Speed
  • Power-Off button
  • E-Stop safety palm button
  • 12 or 24 volt hook-up
  • (2) live drive sticky tires
  • Batteries not included (this actually SAVES you money). Fits two full size 12v deep cycle batteries (recommended)
  • Deep cycle preferred, but Auto style batteries can be used. Garden tractor or full size batteries can be used as well. Anything other than deep cycle batteries require your attention more often.
  • Battery tray overall size: 10 5/8 inch x 14 1/8 inch
  • (2) 12v battery chargers maintainers included
  • Ships (90%) assembled in wood crate. Time from shipping container to moving your aircraft? Approx. 30 minutes


  • Heavy Duty Steel Welded Construction
  • Best Tug for the money
  • Non-marking wheels up front
  • No adapters needed, it's universally engineered for 500 x 5.0 & 600 x 6.0 tires and more.
  • No metal to metal contact with your landing gear
  • No paint chips or scratches on the side of your wheel pants, we stay under all of that.
  • No hand cranking of winches.
  • No crawling under the aircraft and wrap stretch straps around your landing gear.
  • No heavy lifting on the handle grips to move the aircraft.
  • No need to force the tug details under the Landing Gear


Have used used it for about 5 months, NOSE-Picker tug came 95% assembled with 2 battery maintainers (awesome), I like the variable speed dial control. Has big E-stop button right on the controls panel by the grips (awesome), pushes my Baron with no problem. This tug saved me over $2,000.00 on a bigger tug that I did NOT need. Suggestion would be to add an LED light package for night use, outside of that I want to say thank you to the PICKER company. Well Played Guys, well played

October 16, 2020

Easily moves my Debonair. Even over a 1/2  lip. Easy to assemble. I’m very satisfied.

Jay M
October 25, 2019

...has Variable Speed Dial, Emergency Stop, FWD & Backwards, Power On/Off. I really love the name and I really love the TUG, everyone that sees it falls in love with it because of the name and then when I show them the VARIABLE SPEED and tell them how much I paid they cant believe it. This looks great in my hangar and it works awesome...!! Thanks PICKER people kiss kiss...

October 2, 2019


April 11, 2019

Love it !

November 13, 2018

I see the Nose-PICKER on this site..., so I got to say I was at Airventure 2018 and searched long for the most bang for the dollar regarding TUGS, Jeff Irwin of PICKER tugs and tow bars kOd the challengers and I mean all of them. He still understands the big point that most of us just want to move the plane. If your reading this Jeff..., thank you because I am buying your Nose-PICKER

July 30, 2018

it is Great tug

May 12, 2018

OMG this thing works as good as my buddys $3,700.00 tug for close to 1/2 the price. Look at the roller that comes out from under the batteries, to me this increases the value alone. Nothing bad to say about this Nose-PICKER. (the name is awesome)

April 13, 2018

I agree with Bryans review, the Nose-PICKER boys got it right, this things built for working and looks way better in person as if they refined the design. I too bought the Optima batteries like the pic shows, and I love the way it works. I also realized that without wheel pants that 3rd roller you see up high under the batteries is a BIG improvement. You can remove it as well by pulling a pin and out it comes. Anyone without wheel pants will love this feature. Overall this was a perfect fit for my twin engine. 5 thumbs up, cant wait to see what these guy do next.

March 28, 2018

Awesome machine, highly recomend. This pic doesnt do it justice, looks better in person. The power tug I had for a few years died, needed another one wanted a picker, have 58P Baron, incline to my hangar & door tracks. Fully loaded without people this little picker was more than up to the job. Very Impressed. BTW I love the 3rd roller jetting out from the battery tray, very much needed for this bird. Thank you Picker people, you guys so Rock..!

March 23, 2018


Q: Conventional gear compatible? 8KCAB

This product is designed for nose gear aircraft. Part numbers 13-01824 and 13-18727 are similar but designed to be used with conventional gear aircraft.

Q: What is the top speed? What is the battery endurance?

Top speed is a slow walk. Battery endurance: depends on the battery. Battery we recommend medium to high amp deep cycle (marine style).

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