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Part# 13-10831
MFR Model# HH65ADT


In 1980, the United States Coast Guard chose the SA 366 G1 Dauphin to be its short range recovery air rescue helicopter and it was given the title HH-65A Dolphin. A total of 99 Dolphin helicopters were improved for its function as a rescuer for the United States Coast Guard. The aircraft was the replacement of the Sikorsky HH-52A Sea Guard. In 2002, a total of 94 Dolphin units were used by the United States Coast Guard.

Some of its functions were for security patrols, pollution control, enforcement of laws and treaties and missions like search and rescue. It is famous for its autopilot abilities that allow the crew to take on other duties.

To meet the United States rules in local content engineering, modifications were made to the helicopter. Its engine was changed to Allied Signal LTS-101-750B-2 power plants. In 2004, the engine problems still continued and they decided to replace it with Arriel 2C2 units. It became a more competent and secured aircraft. The improved HH-65A Dolphins were chosen as HH-65C Dolphins. The HH-65A cannot execute water landings. It typically takes a crew of four.

The HH-65 Dolphin was produced by the Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation in Texas. The LTS-101 750B-2 turbo shaft engines were built by the Textron Lycoming in Pennsylvania and the electronic systems was built by the Rockwell International in Iowa.



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