Kelly Aero Overhauled Bendix Magneto S4Ln-21

+$300 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 10-51360-26
MFR Model# 10-51360-26R


This Bendix magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto manufactured by Kelly Aero. There are multiple models of Bendix magnetos, and they can be infinitely overhauled. As a result, the Bendix magneto is more often overhauled than bought new, allowing for efficient, cost-effective use.
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exactly as expected. It does have the same gears as my original. Has a nice paint job, which looks like it will hold up better than the previous unit. Not much more $$ than a local 500-hour inspection.

Kevin A
August 24, 2019

Great support from kelly. No issues with the mags but would have preferred to see phenolic distributor gear than plastic. Seems to me this was a slick problem. Little notes in the box from bench tests etc. A nice touch . One minor issue was some corrosion on the inside of the distributor recess tells me that the core was not completely cleaned. Could have done a better job on a $650 mag.

Scott M
September 26, 2018

Purchased this overhauled mag (in combination with its non-impulse equal). Following the Lycoming procedure and have not been able to get this mag to time. Will try again and then contact MFG. Also, the P-Lead was located on the side. The no-impulse mag and both previous mags had P-Leads on end of mag. The side mounted P-Lead is very close to the oil filter. The product photo suggested this mag would also have P-Lead on end. Its not clear why the delivered mag was different.

Susan F
July 28, 2018


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Q: Do these Kelly overhauled Bendix magnetos (S4LN-21) include the impulse coupling?

Yes, it does include the impulse coupling.

Q: This mag is P/N 10-51360-26. Will it replace a 10-51360-29 and 10-51360-37? Not sure what the last two digits on the P/N mean.

Per Kelly: P/N# 10-513690-26 was superseded by 10-51360-37. This will not replace 10-51360-29. The end numbers are just part of the unit number.

Q: Do you accept 4300 series slick mags as cores for this bendix magneto?

No. They cannot accept that core for this magneto.

Q: Do these mags come with overhaul paperwork?

Yes, this will come with paperwork.

Q: Do these mags come with a mag gasket?

The gasket is not included with this mag.