Planelogix Digital Logbook & Maintenance Tracking


Your aircraft's maintenance records comprise up to 50% of your aircraft's value. Sign-up today with PLANELOGIX to securely back up your aircraft's maintenance records and enjoy the flight.

  • Part 91/121/135 Support
  • 100% Text Searchable Records - 100% Free
  • Instantly List Your Aircraft for Sale
  • Maintenance Tracking & Templates
  • Automated AD Search
  • Order Tracked Replacement Parts Easily from Aircraft Spruce
  • Time and Cycle Log
  • GA, Corporate, and Government
  • Aircraft/Flight Scheduling
  • Complete MRO Platform (beta access now available!)
  • Digital Pilot Log (in progress)

Together with Aircraft Spruce, we are making it easier than ever to order parts for your aircraft

Have an oil change coming up and need a reminder to get some oil filters or purchase some oil? What about an ELT battery - need one of those too? Then read on! We have been working with the team at Aircraft Spruce to bring you tracking item templates for your aircraft as well as linked products to help you not only keep track of your maintenance events, but also obtain the underlying products which may be associated with them.

Digging deeper...

When creating a new tracking item, if you select an event type of "Product" and leave the "Enter Part Manually" checkbox unchecked, you will be able to search through a repertoire of Aircraft Spruce parts. Clicking the green "Assign to Tracking Item" button will assign the product to the tracking item, and when you create it you will be able to click a button right on your tracking item status grid to open up the page to conveniently purchase the product from Aircraft Spruce.

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Not only can you easily buy parts from your favorite online supplier, you can also quickly price-check parts when your aircraft is in the shop.


Adding from Aircraft Templates

If you open up the tracking item templates page, you can select a variety of makes and models for which we’ve added tracking items to. If the item has a link associated with an Aircraft Spruce part, it will automatically be added to your tracking item grid.


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  • Keyword Searching

    One of the most important features of the service is not only the ability to instantly find parts and inspections, but also find the source document where these items came from.

  • Maintenance Schedules

    Scheduling maintenance with your mechanic can be a hassle, and if you wait too long, your airplane can be grounded for weeks, maybe even months. Don't let that happen to you. Use PLANELOGIX's automated scheduler to notify your mechanics of upcoming maintenance needs. They can be sent an e-mail, or, if they are using the PLANELOGIX platform, be notified directly.
    Use PLANELOGIX to save you time and money.

  • Secure Backups

    The value of your airplane is not only tied up in the aircraft's hull, installed equipment, and avionics, but also in the presentation and completeness of your logbooks and maintenance records. PLANELOGIX takes your file storage seriously and use Amazon S3 and Glacier file storage services to ensure the best file durability in the industry. Your records will be accessible only by you and those you permit, protected behind bank level 256-bit AES Encryption with SSL Connection.

  • Global Access

    Access your logs from anywhere there's an internet connection. If you grant access to users you can have pre-buys accomplished from anywhere in the world, regardless of where your original logs are physically located.
    Never find yourself stranded at a maintenance shop far from home without the records they need to get you back in the air!

  • Print Records

    Since paper is sometimes still the best way of reading or viewing information, PLANELOGIX bridged the gap between digital and paper with not only their Executive Binders, but also with printing from the web portal.

  • Overhauled Logbooks

    PLANELOGIX not only scans and organizes all of your documents, which includes your FAA 337s, 8130s, STCs, and of course your maintenance records, but also provides you with important peace of mind via an optional hard-copy version you can carry wherever you go. This negates the need to part with your logbooks until you sell the aircraft, and presents your logbooks better than ever before.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Visual data provides important cues which we may otherwise miss. PLANELOGIX offers a number of powerful graphical tools to help alert you to items you may have otherwise missed.

  • Custom Reports

    You can use the web portal to slice and dice your aircraft's data in just about any way imaginable. The unique platform gives you the ability to also print out custom reports for inspection status, logbooks, and more.

  • Mechanic Partnerships

    The maintenance platform was built with both you and your mechanic in mind. There's no reason why it should cost them anything to access your records, and PLANELOGIX is proud to say that your mechanics can access your records free of charge.

    They have used feedback and input from some of the best in the industry to make this portal what it is, and they will continue to work with these individuals to make this platform even more powerful and useful for years to come.

  • FBO Partnerships

    PLANELOGIX is doing their best to work with FBO's to keep your airplane in tip-top flying condition. FBO's around the country can benefit from using their plaftform to orchestrate and facilitate their day-to-day activities, which in turn can positively impact your flight operation. If you have a maintenance issue and park at an FBO familiar with their platform, they can instantly look into your aircraft's maintenance history.

    The days of shipping your logbooks overnight due to an aircraft on ground (AOG) issue are over.

  • Share Access

    Their platform was designed to be extensible and flexible. Invite outside users (hint: prospective buyers, mechanics, etc.) to your maintenance records and grant read-only or read/write permissions. This is also a great setup for aircraft's owned in partnership, airplanes up for sale, or for those who wish to give their mechanics even deeper insight into their aircraft. Doing this grants outsiders a glimpse into how organized and detail-oriented you are as a pilot, which ultimately bolsters your credibility as an owner-operator.

  • Document Storage

    Use their native file system to store and organize documents, or better yet, let PLANELOGIX do it for you. After PLANELOGIX has scanned all of your documents, they organize them and store them in private folders which only you, or those you invite to your portal, can access.

    One of the beauties of the PLANELOGIX service is how organized your records will become. It doesn't matter if you send them a disheveled mess... PLANELOGIX will clean them up and organize them for you in the cloud. Documents strewn about? No problem, they will all be collected and organized appropriately.

  • Electronic Signatures

    Their platform adheres to AC-120-78A, allowing mechanics and pilots on their platform to provide electronic signatures, which makes for a seamless ownership experience.

  • Bridging the Gap

    PLANELOGIX affords you the ability to go completely digital or a combination of both paper-based and digital logbooks. The choice is yours, but they can guarantee you will be thrilled with your electronic version as it gives you significant power and insight into your maintenance records.

    Customers on their platform can elect to receive an Executive Binder which serves as both paper backup and a way to keep your maintenance records updated going forward, and is a fully functional logbook.