Apollo Power-4 Vs Paint Spray System

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Part# 09-04551
MFR Model# PW4-VS-110


Power Series POWER-4.

Apollo's New Power Series POWER-4 brings you 12% more power from a 4-stage Turbine and that means you've got the power and performance to spray higher viscosity materials with excellent results.

Power Series POWER-4 is the superior way to spray solvent-based materials including: enamels, stains, lacquers, polyurethanes, catalyzed finishes, conversion varnishes, and linear polyurethanes, as well as any waterborne coatings, latex (emulsion) paint (use with FloetrolŽ or similar flow additive) and other specialized materials like faux paints and gel coat.

Power Series POWER-4 is an extremely versatile unit and provides the perfect finish to woodworkers, boat builders and restorers, automotive and airplane restorers and finishers, and any industry desiring super fine atomization with the widest range of materials.

The POWER-4 will support multiple spray gun operations with an optional Y-connector. The POWER-4 turbine comes equipped with the Handi-HoldŽ Spray Gun Docking Station, an Apollo exclusive innovation. Store, hold or transport your spray gun in a vertical position with no risk of tipping. Ready to spray when you are.


  • Type: 4 Stage
  • Pressure: 9.0 PSI (.062 bar)
  • Volume: 130 CFM (3.68 cmm)
  • Filtration: Dual Air Filtration
  • Gun Type: HVLP Only, Single gun
  • HP: 1.85 HP
  • Current: 110VAC - 60HZ or 240VAC - 50Hz
  • Amps: 13 or 6
  • Dimensions: 15" X 8.5" X 12" (38.1cm X 21.6cm X 30.48cm)

In The Box

  • Package Includes: POWER-4, 4-stage turbine supplied with 24 foot air-flex hose and choice of spray gun.
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