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Part# 12-03150


Dr. RoTech eliminates time consuming diagnostic test procedures. Perform all required electrical tests for the Rotax 912/914 engine in a matter of seconds. No longer do you have to pull out your multimeter and fuss with connections and grounds to find out whether or not your Rotax 912 is in good health. Simply plug the Doctor into your ignition unit plugs and within seconds you’ll know which systems pass and which fail.

Dr. RoTech performs all the required measurements of BRP-Rotax 912/914 Heavy Maintenance Manual section 74 paragraph 3.12:

  • Generator coil (on stator)
  • Charging coil (on stator)
  • Trigger coil (A&B)
  • Primary ignition coil (A&B)
  • Secondary ignition coil
  • Spark plug connector
  • Ignition switch
  • Engine ground

What used to take you an hour now takes less than 1min with Dr. RoTech.

Dr. RoTech is easy to use. Simply plug the unit into the 6pin plug on your Rotax ignition system. Turn on the doctor and wait for the green(pass) or red(fail) light for each of the components the unit is testing.

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Q: Is this Dr. Rotech Engine Diagnostic tool suitable for carburetor engines or fuel injected engines?

Per the supplier: This unit is designed to work on carbureted engines only, NOT to be used on fuel injected engines.

Q: Can we use the Dr Rotech with a 4 pin plug engine?

The Dr. Rotech can be ordered for use with a 4 pin plug, but it is a special order and not stocked. Please contact our sales department for pricing and lead time of the special order model.

Q: Will the Dr. Rotech Diagnostic tool check / adjust the TCU of a 914F?

No, the Dr. Rotech is only used to check for the correct function of the ignition system. It does not have anything to do with the turbo control unit.

Q: Is it possible to print the results from the Dr Rotech Diagnostic Tool tests?

The short answer is Yes. Dr Rotech sends its results and values every time it scans the sensors (about twice a second) to its on board serial port. To receive this data, connect a serial cable to the 9 pin port on Dr Rotech and configure your receiving device to the values listed in the Dr Rotech manual (bit rate, start and stop bits etc). On today's laptops a serial to USB cable can be utilized with some type of terminal emulation software (several freeware options available) on the receiving PC. Once you see the updating values on the screen you can do a screen capture and print the results...

Q: I have 4 and 6-pin Rotax 912 engines, Do I need two devices or just two different plug cables?

You will need two ignition modules to make this work.

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