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Milwaukee 1/0 AWG- 750 Mcm Ai Thhn/ Xhhw Bushing Kit

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Part# 12-05944
MFR Model# 49-16-BKITA


The M12™ and M18™ Cable Strippers provide the most consistent strips and best access. The MILWAUKEE® Bushings are individually engineered to give you safer and cleaner strips on all sizes specific to each cable. Every cable stripper bushing features industry-standard colors to indicate wire size.

Additionally, the wire size, material, and jacket type are clearly marked on each bushing for easier identification. These quick-change bushings are compatible with both the M18™ and M12™ cable strippers, allowing you to perform faster stripping on either battery platform.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Protects against Knife Injuries on the Job
  • Cleanly Strips Al THHN/XHHW Cable
  • Jacket Ejection Slot Allows for Easy Material Removal and Prevents Jamming Optimized Bushing Design Prevents Nicks
  • Wire Size Marked on Each Bushing for Easy Identification
  • Vivid Color Coding for Easiest Selection
  • Quick-Change Bushing System for Faster Stripping Across Sizes
  • Compatible with the M12™ and M18™ Cable Strippers
  • Replaceable Cutting Blade Allows for Easy In-Field Changes

In The Box

  • (1) 1/0 AWG Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B01A)
  • (1) 2/0 AWG Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B02A)
  • (1) 3/0 AWG Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B03A)
  • (1) 4/0 AWG Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B04A)
  • (1) 250 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B250)
  • (1) 300 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B300)
  • (1) 350 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B350)
  • (1) 400 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B400)
  • (1) 500 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B500)
  • (1) 600 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B600)
  • (1) 750 MCM Al THHN/ XHHW Bushing(49-16-B750)
  • (1) Carrying Case



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