Experimental Aircraft
Official Web sites posted or authorized by Kit Aircraft Manufacturers.

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.
The Wittman Tailwind
A Classic
Acrolite Bi-Plane
Finalist in Aircraft Design Contest

Aerocomp Inc.
Four-place composite construction Comp Monster

Aircraft Designs Inc.
Martin Hollman's composite design Stallion.

American Affordable Aircraft
The Vision, all composite scratch-built aircraft.
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American Hatz Association
Plans built classic two-place biplane,
Hatz CB1.

AmeriPlanes Inc.
Ultralight, aluminum wing motorglider,
The Mitchell Wing.

Arizona Light Aircraft
Titan Tornado information.

Aviat Aircraft Inc.
Home of the Pitts and Eagle aerobatic

BD Micro Technologies
Home of the BD-5, high performance
single-place, pusher-configuration sport plane.

Bradley Aerospace
Aerobat and A.T.A.X. all metal aerobatic aircraft.

Buethe Enterprises
Two-place wood construction Barracuda.

Co-Z Development
Cozy MK IV, scratchbuilt canard pusher design.

Custom Flight Ltd.
North Star Bushplane, homebuilt version
of the Supercub

Evans Aircraft
30 years of the Volksplane, VP-1.

Excalibur Aircraft
Excalibur Ultralight Kits

Express Aircraft
Express Millennium composite kit aircraft.

Flightstar Ultralights
Microlight, ultralight and lightplane kit aircraft.

Four Winds Aircraft
Four-place, four door, high-wing composite
aircraft. The 200+ mph "SUV"

Griffon Aerospace
Extensive information on the design and current status of the Lionheart, a modern derivative of the Staggerwing Beech.

Iniziative-Industriali-Italiane S.P.A.
Italian manufacturer of the Sky Arrow 2 place composite aircraft.

Kolb Aircraft
Firefly and Firestar Aircraft

Lancair International
Information on the entire line of Lancair aircraft.

Maupin Ltd., Jim
Carbon Dragon, Woodstock and
Windrose sailplanes

Mirage Aircraft Corp.
Info on the wood, foam and fiberglass Celerity.

Murphy Aircraft
Information on the company, aircraft, FAQ's
and latest newsletter.

Nemesis Air Race Team
Aircraft Spruce sponsors this one of a kind championship composite aircraft.

Pazmany Aircraft Company
Information on the PL-9 Stork,
PL-2 and PL-4.

Quad City Ultralights
Info on 4 models of Challenger ultralight aircraft

Quicksilver Manufacturing
Over 25 years of tradition in Ultralights.

Quikkit, Inc.
Tom Scott's Glass Goose.

Rand Robinson Engineering
KR Series of Aircraft

Rans Aircraft
Numerous light aircraft including the
S-16 Shekari.

Renaissance Composites
2 place tandem canard design Berkut.

Rihn Aircraft Corp.
Dan Rihn's sport aerobatic aircraft including
the One Design and DR-109 two-place.

Skystar Aircraft Co.
Home of the Vixen, Kitfox Classic IV
and Series 5.

Sonex Ltd.
Uniquely designed, inexpensive, scratch
built, metal aircraft.

Stewart 51 Inc.
Scaled down Chevy V-8 powered P-51
experimental aircraft.

Stolp Starduster Corp.
Popular one and two-place, open sport biplane designs.

U.S. Light Aircraft Corp.
The Hornet, Grand Champion Light Plane
Sun 'N Fun and Oshkosh '95

Van's Aircraft
RV's, RV's and more RV's

Velocity Inc.
Official Velocity WWW site.

Viper Aircraft
Jet profile, pusher two-place aircraft

Volmer Club of America
Plans and Info on the Volmer VJ-22
"Sportsman", two-place,side by side,closed
cabin, highwing monoplane Amphibian.

The smallest ultralight category helicopter
ever developed.

Warner Aerocraft Company
Space Walker and Revolution I and II aircraft.

Zenith Aircraft Co.
Zodiac CH601, STOL CH701 and Zenith
CH2000 information.