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Part# 11-12022
MFR Model# KLR0010-11


The easiest stall to recover is the one that never happens. The KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator provides at-a-glance awareness and audible cues of remaining lift, in an easy-to-install, easy-to-read device that’s ready for your experimental aircraft. Mounted on the glare shield, it’s at eye-level, exactly where you need it. Helping you takeoff with confidence, grease more landings and fly with better Angle of Attack.

Facts on the Fly:
Inadvertent stalls are implicated in almost half of the GA approach and descent accidents
60% of all stalls happen during takeoff and landing
Lift reserve is the actual safety margin above a stall
A plane’s lift is unique to its Angle of Attack
An airplane stalls when it goes above the critical Angle of Attack

Better Angle of Attack, Better Safety all around:
Did you know that an aircraft will stall at the same Angle of Attack (AOA), whereas indicated airspeed will vary? Having an onboard sensor that measures AOA increases safety, particularly in high-AOA, low-speed flight regimes such as landing or maximum performance climbs. The KLR 10 is designed to provide you with clear indication to the wing’s available lift reserve. It alerts you with visual and audible cues well in advance of traditional stall warning systems. So you takeoff safely, you land safely, and you enjoy your flight.

An aircraft will stall at the same AOA, whereas indicated airspeed will vary
By changing the AOA, you can control lift, airspeed and drag
AOA is now used to provide an accurate account of the wing’s available “lift reserve”
The KLR 10 increases safety, especially during high AOA, low-speed flight regimes such as landing and maximum performance climbs

The KLR 10 Advantage:
Lightweight, Low-cost, easy installation with low power consumption
Accurate and instantaneous displays of lift reserve, which is the safety margin above a stall
Visual and audible cues alert you of decaying lift much earlier than traditional warning systems
Allows for quick and timely reactions
Independent of pilot-static systems, so it can be used even if the existing air-data system is compromised by ice, water or other contaminants
Optional heated probe


  • Size: Indicator ~ 2”
  • Weight: System Weight ~ 2 lbs
  • Power: ~ 250 mA
  • Display: LED
  • Output: Aural alerts to intercom

In The Box

  • KLR 10 Indicator
  • Indicator cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Interface module
  • Interface module power cord
  • Aux cable
  • Blue and white air hose kit
  • Probe mounting kit
  • Probe
  • Protractor
  • Screw driver
  • Install manual
  • Pilots guide
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Accessories
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Q: My plane has vortex generators which give it a lower stall speed. How does this devise recognize this? Can it be calibrated?

Yes. Since you calibrate the KLR at the optimum alpha and cruise for your airplane it will always be correctly setup for that aircraft, whether it has VGs or not.

Q: Does the installation of the Bendix King KLR 10 need to be signed off by an A&P mechanic?

Yes, we recommend having the KLR 10 installed by an A&P with avionics experience.

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