ANR Peltor Headset Retrofit Kit

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Part# 11-11956
MFR Model# M-002-A


The M-002-A ANR Adapter is a product that will transform a current aviation headset into a high-tech active noise reduction unit. The ANR Adapter comes as a kit and includes a pair of inserts that fit Peltor headsets. Installation requires fitting the inserts, drilling a small hole in one earcup for the power receptacle, and soldering the original cable leads to the kit replacement parts. (uses one 9-volt battery).

It is mandatory that you use Peltor Style gel ear seals (included). The original earseals (dry or liquid filled) are not as airtight as gel seals, and in addition do not dampen sound and vibration as effectively.

Compatible Headsets

  • Communica: Fits all models.
  • Comtronics: Model 1000.
  • Gulf/Pacific Coast Avionics: Fits the GCA-8T.
  • Peltor: Fits models 7002, 7003, 7004(7000Sport LE), 7005, & 7006. Does not fit any 8000 series or the 7000Pro GT.
  • Pilot Avionics: Fits models PA11-90, PA31-70, & PA31-90.

In The Box

  • Peltor style modules containing Audio Speaker, ANR speaker, Sensing microphone and control board.
  • Assembly parts containing wire, solder, tie wraps, shrink tubing and Aramid pads.
  • Peltor Style gel ear seals for superior sealing and comfort. Allows the ANR system to operate correctly.
  • Power cable 72" long to connect battery box to ANR system
  • Crossover cable to replace existing cable on headset
  • Standard Battery box to power ANR system. Uses (1) 9 volt transistor battery
  • Installation manual for Peltor 7003 & 7004
  • Installation manual for Peltor 7005 & 7006
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