Bose 6 Pin Lemo Headset Install Connector Kit

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Part# 11-01846
MFR Model# 323172-0010


Custom panel connector and attached wiring harness for use with installed headsets. Semi-permanent installation provides aircraft power and audio to headset. Three-foot wiring harness allows for placement in locations throughout aircraft.

Note: The headset install kit is FAA approved part of the A20 TSO.


  • Self-latching, precision-designed, quick-connector wiring harness for panel mounting in aircraft with 10-32 volt DC systems
  • Installation wire diagram and step-by-step instructions included
  • Panel connector must be mounted by qualified avionics technician
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good product

Roy B Verified Purchase


October 7, 2021

E. G Verified Purchase


June 1, 2021

The order went fine

Anthony P Verified Purchase


May 25, 2021

Product was delivered on time, and in excellent condition.

Henry B
March 17, 2021


Shai B
January 15, 2021

Just what we needed and the cost was the best I could find. Item as advertised and pictured.

August 21, 2020

works well for a kit from bose

Gene K
October 17, 2019

Nice harness with okay documentation. Color codes are potentially confusing on the shield wires, so study the diagram carefully before completing your connections. Note that there are two shielded pairs, and the shield wires are identical in appearance, so you need to ring them out to determine which is which.

John B
September 16, 2018

I replaced the GA jacks connected to the intercom in my aircraft with these. Headsets instantly power up and no more worries about leaking batteries. Straight forward installation. It would be nice to have a wiring diagram showing the installation without the GA jacks cluttering the view but, then again, it isnt hard to ignore the jacks either.

June 9, 2018

Well worth the investment. The unit comes on as soon as there is power from the panel. Avionics tech said it was relatively easy to install into the panel. Installed two of them for the pilot/copilot.

November 20, 2016


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Q: Does this one jack/wire harness connect the headphone and microphone to the intercom? Can it be wired so my headset runs off the aircraft power instead of a battery?

This is the part you order if you want to put a LEMO panel power jack instead of installing mic/headphone jacks in the panel. You have to have a headset with the 6 pin LEMO plug for this to work without batteries in your headset.

Q: will this allow the use of the bose X as well as the new BoseA20?

This is for the installation of a 6 PIN Lemo power jack in the panel and is designed to work with any headset which is a 6 Pin Lemo Headset. The 6 PIN Lemo versions of the Bose X and A20 are supported.

Q: What diameter hole is required to mount the Bose A20 6 pin lemo connector install kit?

The connector requires a panel hole that is 12.5mm (0.49") wide, by 14.0mm (0.55") tall.

Q: How long are the harness wires? Is there a wiring diagram for this?

The wiring for the harness is three foot long. A step by step wiring diagram is included with the install connector kit.

Q: Can this me installed in addition to the GA connections or do the GA connections have to be removed? In other words what if you also wanted to keep the dual plug GA as well?

Yes, it is possible to have both jacks installed in the aircraft.

Q: If I install it to a Tango Headset, Will it charge the battery in the control unit?

No, this does not charge a Tango battery kit.

Q: Will it work with Lightspeed Zulu 3?

Yes this will work with all Lemo style headsets.

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