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Comtronics Ultra-Pro Hf Flight Helmets

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The ULTRA-PRO HF Helmet is superb for open cockpit flying. This helmet is completely enclosed and comes standard with a clear full face shield. It offers super coverage and also protects the microphone from wind noise.

It has a quick release button for the face shield, rear exhaust diffuser, adjustable top vent, ultra-plush interior, padded D-Ring straps, UV protective clear coated paint and is DOT approved.

The helmet interior has a comfortable liner, built-in ear cups with a pair of 2-inch speakers to enhance audio reception and built-in electret microphone.

This helmet can be installed with either Ultralight or General Aviation audio.

Noise canceling microphone.

Noise canceling microphone.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.




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Q: Will the Comtronics ultra pro hf helmet work with an Icon A14 radio? What cable will I need?

Yes, it will work, but you must order it with the standard dual GA plug style to use with the A14 radio and the A14 headset adapter.

Q: For P/N 11-15614 you wrote must be ordered with GA-Plugs, but i havent seen option to choose. So we got an helmet with one single plug? Please be so kind and advise if there is an adapter to GA-plugs? Thank you in advance Christian

Yes, please order adapter part # 11-03572 to go from single ultralight plug to Dual GA.

Q: I fly an Aerochute. Can I fly with the visor up on the Comtronics Ultra pro hf helmet?

Yes, the visor can be moved up and down on this helmet. As for whether you can do so in your aircraft, there are many factors that would apply so we cannot say for sure.

Q: Will this work with my PJ2 Sportys Transceiver or will i have to add something ?

Yes, as long as the radio has a dual GA headset port.

Q: Will this helmet/headset system connect with the lynx interface intercom setup?

Not directly. Lynx makes adapters to accept dual GA connections.

Q: What radio and antenna would work well with this helmet?

If you order this with GA plugs, it would work with any of the handheld radios we offer. If you order with the ultralight style plug, you would need an adapter to use it with a GA style handheld radio.