Dual Helicopter To Single Helicopter Adapter Jb-15

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Part# 11-00681
MFR Model# JB-15


This adapter allow a single helicopter radio or intercom jack (TJ-120, TJT-120, TJT-102) to be used by two headsets. Length: 1 ft. Great for adding an additional space for headset without costly installation.


I bought this splitter for training purposes. This is a simple y cable arrangement and is fine for audio being received by your headset. The problem with this splitter, and all others I have seen to date, is that there is no inbuilt passive mixing (resistor for summed mono) for the mic connection from your headsets. This means that whichever of the two headsets has the more powerful mic will override the other and cause distortion for both on the channel. Also some headsets of the ANR variety will not work together at all due to subtle differences in the impedances. I looked for simple mixer boxes with this plug type to no avail. Having an external com breakout box would be the best bet for the industry when training but maybe there just isnt a large enough demand as usually training in light helicopters is the first thought and not mediums or heavys where you can have two instructors as well as your copilot all trying to plug in to the coms.

January 19, 2018


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