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Part# 10-06726
MFR Model# 103171-000


The Dynon DRX is an affordable, dual band ADS-B receiver that fits in your pocket and lasts all weekend on a single charge. Pair the DRX with your favorite mobile app for superior in-flight situational awareness: Get the full traffic picture with ADS-B traffic reception on both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz frequencies. In the US, you’ll also receive free text and graphical weather from the FAA’s network of ADS-B ground stations.


Connect the DRX to your tablet or phone via Wi-Fi to send GPS position and subscription-free ADS-B Traffic and Weather to your favorite aviation app.

Connect the DRX to your tablet or phone via Wi-Fi to send GPS position and subscription-free ADS-B Traffic and Weather to your favorite aviation app.

DRX supports connectivity with most mobile aviation apps, including Foreflight and FlyQ, for superior in-flight situational awareness. See the entire traffic picture with dual band ADS-B reception and receive ADS-B in-cockpit weather products such as NEXRAD Radar, METARS, TAFs, and more.


  • Dual Band Traffic via 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz
  • Dimmable LED Lights for Power, GPS, and ADS-B
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity to Most Aviation Apps
  • ForeFlight, FlyQ and many more
  • Any app that supports industry standard GDL 90 format data.
  • Any app that supports “Stratux” type devices
  • Subscription-Free In-Flight Weather
  • NEXRAD Radar (Regional and CONUS)
  • METARs, TAFs, and more
  • WAAS GPS Position
  • Weekend-long Battery Life
  • Includes Durable Carrying Case
  • Includes 3’ USB Charging Cable
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Excellent product and great value! Would be nice if it head AHRS capability and more configuration options on its internal web page.

Levant T
December 21, 2020

It connected to my iPad with FlyQ with no issues, I did a 3+ hour flight and never lost ADS-B or location. Battery life is good, lasted that entire flight on the charge out of the box. It doesnt do AHRS, which I never used before, so if thats something critical, youll need something else.

Thomas J
November 14, 2020

Excellent. Very friendly staff. Packing & shipping is prompt and pa laces arrive in good condition. Would like to see shipping fees waived for customers once they reach a certain level.

Doug B
October 26, 2020

Compared to some of the other units on the market, I was shocked at how compact it is. Very small, and I love the battery life. Just dont have to worry about it dying in the middle of a flight. I have flown with it twice now, both on hard IFR days, and the weather reception works very well. Traffic is very good, and I can even sit on the ground and just watch airliner traffic from my porch. This unit also comes with a nice storage case. Highly recommended.

June 21, 2020

Works well with WingX. Meets expectations.

Clayton S
June 21, 2020

I love this ! It really works and you do not lose signal while you are flying. at one point I even went up to 3000 feet just to see if I lost any signal and it kept right on working

Fredrick F
March 29, 2020

Charged the unit. Turned it on..Works flawlessly with the FlyQ software on my iPad. Followed every ADS-B out equipped aircraft at our airport in North Texas and we have many in the air at anytime since a flight school is located here. Great device and reasonably priced .

Michael M
March 16, 2020

Appears as advertised thus far. Still waiting to check the weather side as I have flown behind G-500s with ADS-B in and not the portables. Hard to tell with the weather degraded at distances over 250 miles and haven’t filed an IFR yet. Bottom line good thus far as I am looking to get away from the over $600 a year for paid weather...

Chuck W
December 25, 2019

It just works. I find it works cleanly with FltPlan Go if I use the Stratux setting. It has good battery life and I have had zero trouble using it.

Mike B
November 30, 2019

I communicated with a Dynon tech on the Dynon DRX forum. He confirmed that the DRX was compatible with the AVARE app that I enjoy using. On his word I purchased from Aircraft Spruce - who had it in my hands in a couple of days. Unit works perfectly with AVARE. It just sets up the AVARE external WIFI port to 4000 - as you would with STRATUX - the the DRX works perfectly. I love its compact size and single antenna. Battery life? Dont know, but it is a long time. I have left it running for several hours and it still has juice.

September 21, 2019


Q: Will the Dynon DRX receiver work with Android targeted EFBs?

The Dynon DRX can send ADS-B traffic and weather to most aviation apps that receive ADS-B over Wi-Fi, including ForeFlight, FlyQ, and more. These apps can be run on iOS or Android systems. Specifically, it is compatible with any app that can receive industry standard GDL 90 format or that can work with Stratux type devices. DRX is not compatible with Garmin Pilot.

Q: Will the Dynon DRX ADS-B receiver provide altitude and heading information to ForeFlight?

Although this would connect to Foreflight, it does not provide altitude or heading information.

Q: Is the Dynon DRX dual band ADS-B compatible with Dynon Skyview Classic?

Per the manufacturer, this is not compatible with Skyview.

Q: Is this the Dynon DRX receiver compatible with the Garmin Pilot App?

No. The DRX is not compatible with Garminp pilot app.

Q: Is the Dynon DRX compatible with Flt Pro?

Per the manufacturer: It is compatible with any app that can receive industry standard GDL 90 format.

Q: Will the Dynon DRX work with WingXpro?

Per the app specifications, it will work with the DRX.

Q: Can the Dynon DRX be wired straight into aircraft 12v system?

This is charged via USB port, and therefore cannot be hardwired to your aircraft.

Q: Will the Dynon DRX weather work in Canada with ForeFlight?

Yes. The Dynon DRX (10-06726) weather will work in Canada with the ForeFlight via 1090 Mhz.

Q: Can multiple iPads connect to the Dynon DRX device and receive data?

The DRX can connect to up to 4 devices at once using the GDL90 format.

Q: Will the Dynon DRX ADS-B unit work with iFly app?

Per the Manufacturer, yes the IFly app will work with the DRX Portable ADS-B.

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