Garmin Base Mount For GDL® 50 / 51 / 52 Mounting Bracket

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Part# 11-15524
MFR Model# 010-12498-20


Stability and mobility all in one! Our base mount will keep your compatible aviation unit secure and in reach for navigating on the fly.
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Q: I had plans for a GDL 39D. Is this a better alternative? I have an RV9....this is half of the solution. Ill need to do something for ADS-B out.

The GDL 50 is replacing the GDL 39 3D. The features of the GDL 50 are the same, it will give you ADS-B in weather and traffic, attitude data, and GPS. The GDL 51 is the same as the GDL 50, except instead of ADS-B weather and traffic, it a SiriusXM receiver. And the GDL 52 combines both, so it is ADS-B in, SiriusXM, GPS, and attitude data. None of these boxes provide ADS-B out compliance.

Q: Is this the same bracket that comes with the GDL52? If so does the Ram Holder Part number 11-09853 fit the hole pattern?

Yes, mounting bracket Part # 11-15524 is the same one in the box with the GDL52 Part # (11-15315/11-15316). The Ram Holder, part # 11-09853 does not fit the hole pattern, it is compatible with the Aera 500/510/550/560/660.

Q: Does the GDL 52 mount work from the bottom as well as the top? Considering mounting under the glare shield. Also, is there an external antenna that can be placed on the windshield with a wire to the GDL 52 for reception?

Yes, this mount can be used under a glare shield as long as it is not a metal material as it may interfere with the GPS, XM and ADS-B signal. As this unit uses three antennas you can use a remote GPS antenna via part number 11-00052, for XM you can order part # 11-17587 but there is not a remote option for the ADS-B flip antenna on the unit.

Q: Can the GDL51 be mounted inverted?

Per Garmin: We do not recommend inverted install. It should work but it is non standard and the same performance cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Will this work with a GDL 50 as well?

Yes, this will work with the GDL 50 as well as the 51 and 52.

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