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Part# 11-06491
MFR Model# GA-TB2


The Gretz Aero GA-TB2 is a very small audio tone generator used to make an audio tone annoucement through your headset advising of a user selected warning function. This warning tone can be used to get your attention for one of a variety of events. Examples of uses are: Clock alarm, gear warning, canopy not latched, door not latched, engine monitor function out of tolerance, low oil pressure, low voltage, stall warning, GPS generated warning, or one of many other warning uses.

The Gretz Aero GA-TB2 puts out an audio tone with a closure of contacts in a user installed switch, or an internal switch in a device like a clock or other device. This contact closure switch can be used to supply + voltage to the Tone Board, or the switch can be used to supply a ground source for the Tone Board. It is your choice.

As you can see in the photo, the Warning Tone Generator is very small. It can be mounted to any flat surface with the two supplied screws through the circuit boards mounting holes. To insulate the circuit board from ship ground there are two provided stand offs to be placed between the backside of the circuit board and the conductive structure it is mounted on. Connection of the wires to the circuit board has been simplifed from the earlier design by the use of a terminal block attached to the circuit board.

The GA-TB is designed to work with 12 volt systems. If you want to use this board on a 24 volt aircraft system, it can be done by use of a user supplied and installed heat sink to the voltage regulator on the board. The circuit is also now designed to operate in a greater temperature range (-40 degree C to +125 degree C) than the much earlier design.

The GA-TB comes with instructions for mounting and installation.


  • Weight: 1/4 ounce
  • Length: 1 1/4 inches
  • Width: 1 1/4 inches
  • Tone: About 800 Hz continious while power is applied
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 to +125 C
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Does NOT have a wiring instructions and the 3 pin connector it is for a very small gauge wire something like 24 or 26 SOLID not stranded wire.The screws on the connector are like a glasses repair screws size and do not give a good tongue to hold the wire that can be loose from aircraft vibration. I am returning this one.

Phillips I
September 25, 2015


Q: I have trouble hearing my stall warning buzzer when I have my headset on(Cessna 182).Can I hook this Gretz Aero Warning Tone Generator in parallel with my stall warning buzzer (a 12 volt system) and feed the output from the tone generator into my headset?

Per the vendor, you may do as you suggest to get the stall warning tone into your headset.

Q: Is there any control over the volume of the tone or would this require a separate potentiometer?

The Gretz Aero GA-TB2 does not have a volume control. It would have to be connected to a mixer that has volume control, such as our Audio Mixer the GA-AM (part # 11-06490) or other mixer.

Q: Does the GRETZ AREO tone generator come with an 8130?

No, this part will not come with a 8130 form.

Q: What is the frequency of the tone? What is the relative volume of the tone output?

The frequency of the Gretz warning tone generator (11-06491) is 800 Hz continuous. The relative volume of the tone is unknown, since P/N# 11-06491 was orginally designed to work with P/N# 11-06490 audio mixer. The mixer is an amplifier and the volume level can be easily selected on the audio mixer.

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