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Part# 11-12034
MFR Model# 01-003V


Note: USA Database Coverage Only.

The iFly 520 Ultra-Portability with Unmatched Value!
The iFly 520 brings forth a new level of value boasting versatility and portability with internal power in a smaller 5” form factor. Each iFly is a robust dedicated aviation GPS built for the harsh elements that iPads can’t support. Superior reception, extreme operating temperature ranges pilots need at a fraction of the competition’s price—even the updates are affordably priced. Save more, Fly more!

Sunlight Readability
Like its big brother, the iFly 520 is sunlight readable and provides both VFR and IFR situational awareness in a simple-to-use 5” Touchscreen. Perfect for bright cockpits. Enjoy more flight time—with the most affordable Sunlight-Readable GPS on the aviation market.

Untethered Power
The new 5” design accommodates the internal lithium-ion battery for cord free flying up to 2 hours when ship power is not available. The 520 is the perfect ultra-portable GPS for any pilot’s flight bag or a backup option.

iFly Streets™ Add-On
Go straight from the runway to the highway with iFly Streets™, a full-featured road navigation tool. Detailed voice-guided directions, 3D visuals including Lane Guidance, Street Signs, Buildings and Landmarks make any trip a simple task. Find fast travel details and more with "Find a Place".

AutoTaxi+ with RealView
Automatically transition to and from the Airport Diagram upon takeoff and landing. The iFly adds the “+” with over 12,600 Realview airports. If no official Airport Diagram is available, AutoTaxi+ uses the RealView Image. RealView also makes it possible to see both public and private airports before you arrive. Know the airport like a pro!

For All - VFR and IFR Pilots!

Advanced Flight Planning
Plan your next flight on official VFR and IFR charts with access to public and private airports. Charts are adjustable to your liking and presented in a choice of Day or Night mode—staying comfortable for all eyes. Rubber Band route planning is as simple as touching and dragging your route line to the desired waypoints, you can even plan for vertical terrain. Flight planning has never been so easy!

Simply Navigate
While in flight the iFly GPS presents your position over official charts with un-paralleled clarity due to our extensive optimization process. A wealth of information is available with a touch of the screen; everything from Pre-Flight Weather to loading a past flight or a saved route. Our Instruments Page and Active Alert System keeps you visually and audibly informed about upcoming airspaces, terrain and more. Total iFly confidence!

Weather and TFRs
The Pre-Flight option using iFly Connect grabs the latest TAF, METAR, Winds Aloft, TFRs and other data before takeoff for reference in flight. Take confidence knowing you have the latest Weather and TFR information. Ready for Take-Off!

Updating is a Snap!
With several simple options to update, the iFly GPS makes updating a breeze with iFly Connect or a USB Flash Drive. Updating is supported via PC or MAC, we also offer an Update-by-Mail program. With our affordable VFR and IFR Subscriptions, you’ll have more fun money—only $69/yr for VFR and $109/yr for IFR.

Active Alert System
As you fly, the iFly GPS uses its Active Alert System to monitor and generate warnings of approaching concerns. Configurable by airspace type, distance, altitude buffer—receive warnings based on your flying style with comprehensive alerting in one central location. Other key alert types include:

  • Airspace Warnings
  • Obstruction Warnings
  • Terrain Warnings
  • Vertical Speed Targets

Take your next adventure with the iFly 520.


Moving Map Modes
  • Sectionals
  • Low-Enroute Charts
  • Terminal Area Charts
  • World Aeronautical Charts
  • Vector Base Map
  • Weather (Pre-Flight)
  • Plates & Diagrams
Map Features
  • North Up / Track Up
  • Find Nearest
  • Distance Circles
  • Dynamic Distance Ring
  • Hybrid Compass Rose w/ Nav
  • Extended Course Line
  • Flight Trails
  • Past Flights
  • Dynamic Intended Track Line
  • AutoTrack
  • Custom Waypoints (toggle on/off)
  • Rubber Band route modification
  • Custom Aircraft icons
  • AutoTaxi+
Alerts & Warnings
  • User definable Collision Alerts
  • Airspace Alerts and Highlighting
  • Terrain Alerts and Highlighting
  • Vertical Speed to Target
Instruments Panel
  • Multiple Inst. Layouts
  • Customizable with multi-stacks
Flight Planning
  • Fly Direct-To
  • Simple Reverse Feature
  • Vertical Terrain Planning
  • Airspace preview
  • Rubber Band route modification
  • Vertical Profile Instrument
  • Emergency Find Nearest
  • Save and Load Flight Plans
  • Custom Waypoints
  • History for recent searches
Screen Settings
  • Landscape Mode Only
  • Screen Brightness
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Button Fading
  • Customizable Instruments
Unit of Measure Settings
  • Speed (Nm, Miles, Km)
  • Compass (Mag or True North)>
Additional Features
  • RealView Airports (12,600+)
  • NMEA Output for Autopilot
  • Simulator Mode
  • Follow Plane quick tracking
  • One Touch Zooming
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Multimedia functions




5.25” x 3.3” x 0.75”

• Screen Resolution

800 x 480

• Current Draw

300-700mA @ 12V

• Weight

8 ounces


5 inch Sunlight Readable TFT

• Power Input

DC 12V~28V


22 Channel WAAS

• Operating Temperature

14°F to 140°F

• Storage Temperature

-4°F to 158°F

In the Box

  • iFly 520 Aviation GPS
  • Suction Mount with Special iFly 520 Cradle Adapter
  • AC Adapter (110v)
  • DC Adapter (12v/24v)
  • SD Card Adapter
  • Soft Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Month VFR/IFR Data Subscription
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The touch screen is very insensitive and almost illegible in sunlight. It also requires the use of a stylus (not supplied) There was no printed owners manual. I had to buy this separately and all I got was a stack of pages stapled together. After I had purchased the product I discovered that it did not have WiFi or Blue Tooth capability. It also did not have synthetic vision. The catalog description was quite deceptive. I had to contact the manufacturer to learn how to update the database. Ive dealt with Spruce for many years and this is the first time I have been really disappointed with an order.

Paul R
June 30, 2019

Not sunlight readable as it says. A little better than my iphone. I like the charts and info at hand. Not so easy updating, takes hours if an entire update is performed if one doesnt have dsl internet. I wish Id bought the 740b but I needed the battery time as my aircraft have no electrical systems. Still, battery time on the 520 is not nearly 2 hours as advertised.

Daniel O
October 4, 2018

Ive owned an iFly 520 since it first came out a couple years ago. Its an awesome little unit from an awesome company. Its a small screen, but does pretty good in the sunlight and has a bunch of features. And Adventure Pilot keeps updating the software so it just keeps getting better. Pros: Easy to use, can see in sunlight, very compact, good support (if needed), can drive an auto-pilot, supports ADSB (I recommend the Ping for iFly) Cons: Takes a while to boot up. Battery lasts a couple hours, so you may want to plug it in

June 21, 2017

I have tried now for 6 months to find much to appreciate about this GPS. There isn't much. It's terrible in sunlight. And by terrible, I mean CANNOT be viewed in direct sunlight whatsoever. The touch interface is the worst I have EVER used. In fact, it can be down right maddening to adjust anything in flight without a stylus. The means of updating is antiquated. I bought this after my 720 was DOA and because it offers a battery backup. Now that the 740 is out and includes a built in battery, maybe it will be a better unit, but at this point, I'm a little too gun-shy of the Ifly products, that being said, I do appreciate their customer service staff.

June 10, 2015

I recently flew back from Daytona Beach Fla to Baltimore Md and used my new 520 as a back up GPS. When I first received the 520 and tried it in my house , it had weak satellite connections. I tried the external antenna from my 700 model but they weren't interchangeable so I ordered a new antenna and problem was solved. After using the 700 , it took a little bit to get used to the smaller screen on the 520. I found that the touch screen was all but inoperable without using the stylus. Overall it was easy to read in the sunlight and performed perfectly , but the stylus needs to be close by. My model 700 had frequent ' No GPS Lock ' but no problems with the 520. For the price , I'm glad I had it with me and will continue to use it.

Bob G
March 18, 2015


Q: Does the the iFly 520 include western canada?

This does not cover Canada charts but does have what the manufacture call a "vector mode" which has Canada airports so you can build a flight plan (Canada terrain and obstacles included as well).

Q: Can the iFly 520 be permanently on an instrument panel?

No, it is not designed to be attached to the panel (although I am sure someone could find a way) Airgizmos will most likely have a panel dock available soon to remedy this.

Q: Does this unit include maps of Canada, Europe, or other countries?

Currently, only U.S. charts and data are available on the iFly GPS 520. Plans to develop additional countries are in the works, beginning with Canada, Europe, Australia and South America respectively based on demand.

We are currently working with Nav Canada in an effort to offer a full Canadian data option. Nav Canada is currently developing digitized charts at this time. We are very hopeful that we will be able to offer a full Canadian Data option in the near future.

Many Canadian pilots living along the US/Canada border in the eastern territories find the iFly GPS offer more than adequate information. Our US Charts on the iFly cover up to the 48th latitude (Near Thunder Bay and eastward) and our airport database includes most public Canadian airports.

Q: Does the Adventure Pilot iFly 520 GPS have a vector map of India?

Per the manufacturer, Vector mode support is only in North America.

Q: Does the cradle for the Adventure Pilot iFly 520 GPS incorporate a 1 RAM ball for use with other RAM base mounts?

This additional 1" Ram ball adapter is not included but may be purchased separately. The part number is 11-12923.

Q: Does the Adventure Pilot iFly 520 GPS interface with other units like the tru track ADI's or any autopilots?

Yes, by using the USB to Serial cable included, and a Micro USB to USB adapter, output data can be sent out to other units.

Q: Does the Adventure Pilot 520 include a cigarette light plug power cord?

Yes, the iFly 520 includes the cigarette charging cable.

Q: What's the difference between the Adventure Pilot iFly 720 and 520? Does the 520 have airport charts? Are the subscription fees different?

The iFly 720 is a 7” Sunlight Readable Screen, powered from ships power 12/24v, and has a Wi-Fi receiver built in for wireless updating and integration with other wireless devices like ADS-B. The iFly 520 is a 5” Sunlight Readable Screen, powered by a 2hr internal battery or ships power 12/24v, and it does not have a Wi-Fi receiver. Both units offer that same Moving Map navigation on Sectionals, Airport Diagrams, Plates, etc. Also the yearly subscription for VFR and IFR are the same on both units. It’s $69.99 for VFR and $109.99 for IFR.

Q: Does the Adventure Pilot iFly 520 have a moving map for Canada eastern coast as you are flying along?

Per Adventure Pilot: Unfortunately it does not. We do not support Canadian Charts on any of our devices.

Q: On of the features listed for the Adventure Pilot iFly 520 GPS says Weather (Pre-Flight). Can you give me more info on what this is?

The Pre-Flight option using iFly Connect grabs the latest TAF, METAR, Winds Aloft, TFRs and other data before takeoff for reference in flight.

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