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Part# 11-07541


This adapter works with your existing intercom by pumping your music into any available mic jack, allowing it to be distributed through the intercom to everyone wearing a headset. Plug one end into the aircraft's mic jack and the other into your media player's headphone jack.

  • Compatible with ipod, mp3, CD, laptops, and
    most other portable media players
  • Music in your headset without costly upgrades
  • Listen to music through the aircraft’s speaker during pre-flight
  • Plugs into standard mic jack
  • Just Plug and Play!
No more wearing uncomfortable in-ear headphones under your aviation headset. No need for an expensive new intercom or new headset. This will work in any intercom system with an available mic jack. Maintain the comfort and quiet of you current headset; just add your favorite music!

Also works great in many airliners.


The cable works to feed into a plane mic socket. It is not the correct aviation PJ-068 but works with wiggling. The 3.5mm end shorts some of the pins in the iPhone stereo connector, it does NOT cause damage. The cable does work.

Eugene M
December 27, 2019


Q: (1) What is the size of the intercom jack? Is it the standard 5.23 mm / .206 in ? (2) What is the length of the cord?

The jack is .206", and is approx 6' long.

Q: Is the small end that plugs into the device a 3.5mm male plug? I would like to plug this into a GoPro for the speaker part and the other into the plane's extra mic jack.

Yes this is a 3.5mm jack and is intended to go into an Apple or MP3 player so music can be hear over the intercom. To get audio via the intercom to the GoPro Hero 3 use part number 11-11565.

Q: Will the music cut out when ATC or other passengers speak?

No, it will not as this is just a cable getting music to your headset. Most high end headsets do this internally.

Q: What is the length of this iPod / MP2 music adapter cord?

The length of this cord is approximately 75" tip to tip, or 6-1/4 ft.

Q: Does the IPOD/MP3 MUSIC ADAPTER include a coupling capacitor to prevent the microphone bias voltage (+12V) from being applied to the iPad output ?

Per the manufacturer, the IPD/MP3 Music Adapter does not include a coupling capacitor.

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